By namenlos - 27/05/2012 21:53 - Australia

Today, on Facebook, my sister posted a ton of photos of herself wearing a skimpy bikini, commenting that she looked hideous and fat. I can't stand attention-seeking fuckballs, so I called her on it. My mother then condemned me for "mocking" my sister, and grounded me for an entire month. FML
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You did the right thing. We need to rid of these attention seeking ******.

At least you didn't steal the picture and photo shop it so she really did look hideous & fat...I would've!


You did the right thing. We need to rid of these attention seeking ******.

Exactly I think the sister just cried to the mom for it

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Thank you OP for calling out attention ******, you're doing God work. *salutes*

People complain about all the stalkers on facebook, yet they post half naked pictures of themselves.

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People who say that and the dickweeds who say like and subscribe for this random ass picture...

"attention-seeking fuckballs" very interesting way of describing an attention *****.

25- probably because he didn't want to call his SISTER a *****.

Yea I totally agree. Facebook camera ****** are getting freakin annoying.

GovernorGeneral 8

Ive said fuckface and fuckwad but i hadnt thought of fuckball :O Thanks op ;D Ill try it.

But I love being a cam ***** :(

Hah, yeah, using photos of models in your avatar. God bless reverse image searches.

I pray that she's adopted. I would never want to be related to someone that self-centered.

1- true, half of my old friends where attention ******. Notice the word "old".

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Am I the only one thinking that it depends on how he went about "calling her out" as to if it's the right thing to do?

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****** deserve to die a slow, painful death. Inferno, anyone? I can finally put my dynamite into good use.

19- Same thing for some of the dating sites I have seen. You get these women that complain about being tired of people who are in it for their body and not their mind, yet all their profile pics contain them wearing shirts cut very low.

Not all of them are attention seekers though. You do know that right?

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Honestly (and I'm assuming that you called her out over Facebook) I think what you did was wrong. If you were anyone other than her BROTHER id be understandable. But brothers are supposed to be there for their sisters. Family doesn't mean shit to anyone anymore. I'm guessing you were just uncomfortable that she was posting revealing pictures. I hate attention ****** on Facebook to but if it were my sister I'd just ignore it and not be a dick because that relationship is worth more than pictures on facebook. And it might seem like no big deal to you but I guarantee you she won't forget it and won't trust you as much. I hope to god youre not her older brother.

The sister was asking for it. Round of applause to OP. I think im gonna cry. Im just so proud!

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143- He called her out for saying "Like OMGGGGzzz I'm so fat and ugly.... Ugh" He did the right thing by calling her out.

To the rediculously long comment Lol YOU are a people pleasing know it all fuckball XD have a cry why don't yah looooool

173- I read Your comment in a drunk voice and then it's funny/makes sense

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I agree completely with that!

Your profile picture and the amazement of the word fuckball matched well I think

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Good job people. Facebook pictures mean more than family now.

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so 143, you're saying that you would rather have your sister look like a attention seeking ***** rather than calling her out and not make her self look like a *****? if that's not what family is for then I don't want to live here anymore.

beccaishereyay 11

No I'm saying there's no reason to call people in your family out over facebook. It's public. Everyone says Facebook is so stupid and filled with attention ****** but "calling her out" publicly is no better than what she did. He should've talked to her and said "hey you look stupid when you post shit like that, if I were you id take it down before some asshole says something rude to you." instead he ended up being the asshole. Sorry it's jut my opinion. Family means a lot to me.

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223-Why should your family mean anything if they're attention seeking ****** that post revealing pictures of themselves on the Internet, and complain about their looks expecting people to say "Guuurrll uuu ainnt uggly! Uuu sexxaay!!!" Or some other dumb shit.

beccaishereyay 11

Why should family mean anything if they do stupid shit on the Internet? You again just proved my point that Facebook is more important than family these days. Jeez.


And it's sooo annoying when girls post skimpy pics and they're like, "like if you're older than 10, deleting little kids."

Been to DeviantArt? They are growing there, too. =_=.

77-i can see that from your profile picture.

Wtf no one deserves to die..those were creepy words and creepy profile picture

I hate when people say that they're ugly just for attention. What am I supposed to reply with? "Yeah, you're a hideous ****." ? *shakes head*

77- Umm... Lol? Today when I was at school me and my friends were messing around on google images and I saw a pic. When I saw your comment I knew I had seen it. So I checked it again and there it was! You have a fake pic from google and now are saying you're a "cam *****" when you're probably an old creepy man. Here's the link: CREEP!

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How the **** does she deserve this you sick pervert? OP was clearly in the wrong and got punished for her sister's dickery. You sir, are an asshole.

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OP was not in the wrong, and OP is not a girl. Are you even typing with your eyes open?

I didn't notice the male symbol. My bad.

They're on facebook you stalker just type "attention *****" and half the population of facebook will pop up with pathetic pictures of them trying to make friends, not saying all people who use facebook are like that......

So starwind, it seems your the asshole now. Funny how the tables can turn so quickly.

Lol i can't believe how many thumbs down this guy has gotten already currently 112 i'm guessing it will be around 300 by the time there's a good chunk of new FML's for people to comment on

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Maybe next time you should check.

Why do we deserve it? Were you high when you posted this comment?

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Are you guys ******* kidding me? "the tables have turned"? No. This disgusting excuse for a man who demands to see pictures of a teenage girl in a skimpy bathing suit, oh my bad,"deserves them", is being put aside so you guys can call out a girl who made an error because she didn't see the GENDER sign? Wow. You guys really need some common sense, AND a life. Imbeciles.

Whoa ho, look at Ms. High and Mighty. Starwind was never pointed out to be a girl, unless you think the name is anything to go on, which it's really not. I bet if you thought they were a guy, you wouldn't have even stuck up for them. You disgust me.

Kay first of all #204, I called starwind an asshole because that's what he/she said and then realized his/her comment didn't make any sense. And second, calm your ******* ****. Thanks

baddawg365 0

204- Shut up you ****** hypocrite you just put the guy asking for pics aside to yell at them for calling starWhatever an asshole. Like the guy above said.... Calm the **** down

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I cant describe how well you picture goes with the comment you made ... And boo ****** hoo instead of making a scene on Facebook why not to her in person 2. Call her 3. Text her ... So yeah I hate people who do that just make a big scene on Facebook over nothing

At least you didn't steal the picture and photo shop it so she really did look hideous & fat...I would've!

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Oooooooh girl, oh no you di'int

For the love of god, please tell me she did not do a duck face in that picture, OP.

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Well that would have DEFINATELY got OP in trouble..

If ^^^this^^^ is directed towards I'm not stupid, I just have a low tolerance for stupidity and it's obvious the OP's sister is! I figure if people wanna act stupid, I'm more than happy to treat them like they're stupid!

I hope it was directed at you, because if it was directed at me then this is a sad day for that chump.

beccaishereyay 11

I think it was directed at the girl with her tongue an **** sticking out. If it wasn't it should be.

Even though Ebbonyy made a mistake, I don't think that makes her stupid. Everyone does and I actually think she's hot. Am I going to get thumbed down for disagreeing?

Guys, you made her cover up; and no tongue to boot. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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She's fishing for compliments and attention, it's pathetic.

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4, how is complaining about being fat confidence? If you were confident, you wouldn't need to fish for compliments in the pathetic way OP's sister did. Idiot.

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If I had to guess 4 is trolling or he means the fact the girl posted the pictures but the point you made renders his comment invalid as well as the fact the sister was attention seeking

32 - Just because you put intelligent sounding words together and put a period at the end doesn't mean you know what you're saying.

He didn't even put a period at the end!

unoffensivename 0

I've been buried twice in two days I still love the FML community but I think I'm going to take a break. (Leaves room marked FML)

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56 - I am noting that comment and pulling it out the next time is relevant as one of my new favourite quotes, right next to "go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company"- Mark Twain

I feel like 4s profile pic when I read his comment.

habibiiiiiii 2

32 did not have any "intelligent sounding" words

If she really had self confidence issues, she wouldn't have the confidence to post half naked pictures of herself on Facebook.

People with no confidence don't post pictures of them in a bikini on Facebook. They don't even wear bikinis!

stanpwns 9

If you think you're ugly, you don't put pictures of yourself on the Internet. Simple. Obviously an attention *****.

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Um, no. OP did the right thing and wrongfully got punished for it.

klovemachine 24

5 is oh so wrong! What is up with skinny people thinking they are fat? Ridiculous :(

If anything she should speak up because it's her sister. You have an obligation to help your siblings (especially younger ones) find an appropriate path in life and avoid making huge mistakes. That's part of what family is: guidance and counseling.

The fact that she's OP's sister is exactly the OPPOSITE of why he should keep his mouth shut. He's just a brother looking out for his sister.

156: Sorry to burst your bubble, but OP is a guy.


You're both stupid attention ******.

OP is not an attention *****, OP's sister on the other hand...

carmenm 6

Op is a guy so how exactly could he be an attention seeking *****? Idiot


So only girls can be attention ******? Yeah you sexist idiot.

I don't see why this is getting thumbed down- a lot of girls are attention ****** in that they look at everything and everyone and scream, "EW. EWWW. ATTENTION *****. I'M INTELLIGENT I'D NEVER BE LIKE HER BLAHBLAH." They try to put themselves above it, but only so their friends will go, "Oh my gosh, yes! You're so right!" Pathetic- they're even worse than traditional attention ****** because they're hypocrites as well. YDI, OP, your sister being an attention ***** doesn't give you the right to bitch her out somewhere public with the obvious intent of embarrassing her. That's just mean.

122- I honestly do think ops sister deserves to be embarrassed on Facebook by her brother saying that she was being an attention ***** because, if you think you are fat you would not be posting pictures of yourself in a BIKINI on Facebook for everyone to see. Which was stupid so she deserves to be ridiculed for her lack of intelligence.

jillybee101 7

68- good job trying to sound intelligent and instead sounding like a complete bloody twat. Moron.

amspawforth 4

You were right to call her up for seeking attention that way. There are too many young girls seeking attention by posting provocative imagery on the Internet. However, you could have been a little bit more tactful OP. Perhaps talking with her in person about it, probably would have gone down a lot better. As for the grounding, if you explained why to your mum she may be a little more lenient.

We don't really know in what way her sister called her out on it. Perhaps she did talk to her about it and sis blew it out of proportion. OP: Look sis, what you're doing online is inappropriate and makes you look desperate for attention. People look down upon attention ****** and don't respect them. Sis: Mom! [OP] called me a *****!

She was saying she's fat not a **** jeez

Mommyof2_91 10

I find it interesting that your mom doesn't find it bad that your sister posts skimpy bikini pictures, but she's going to ground you for confronting her on it. What is this world coming to?

...Yes because if a girl isn't covered head to toe then it's such a bad thing.

103 - That's a little dramatic. Maybe the world would be a better place if underage children weren't posting half naked pictures for pedos to ********** to on the internet...

PYLrulz 17

87 - Agreed. If I had a daughter that was posting photos of herself in bikinis in the fashion described, there probably would be some reduced computer time, and a frank talking to

106, It doesn't say underage child. She could be of legal age (not that an arbitrary number means anything), and therefore you'd have no issue with it. To think being more conservative would improve the world is a little bit odd to say the least. The only way it would improve things is if you view the act in itself as wrong, as it affects no other areas of society. I really get annoyed when people make such ridiculous claims as to suggest that everything would be so much better if people wouldn't be so relaxed when it comes to covering up.

Mommyof2_91 10

103.. She described the bikini as skimpy, so you're being dramatic. I have a feeling you don't have kids, or a daughter at least. I have a daughter and if she were to post pictures of herself in a skimpy bikini I would be disappointed that my baby girl felt the need to get revealed to everybody on the internet to make herself feel better.

Mommyof2_91 10

PYLrulz- thumbed you up, but im thinking downtime thumbed you down.

64 - An attention ***** is not a ****. That was the whole point of my hypothetical scenario. Literacy: it's our friend.

*He described it as skimpy. I would be disappointed also, because of the way she is begging for attention and compliments like that. If she just took the photo without the absurd caption then it wouldn't be as big of an issue as a stand alone incident. Keep an eye out for other signs of problems, odds are it was completely innocent and nothing to be worked up over. Your child will eventually be growing up and discovering her sexuality, this needs to be embraced and nurtured like anything else - not shunned and inhibited. And congrats on thumbing up a comment you approved of. Yes, I will continue to downvote comments that disagree with my line of other person as no doubt you thumbed mine down... Not quite sure why that deserved your public announcement.

PYLrulz 17

149 - Wouldn't surprise me. That, or it's a 15 year old, raging on teenaged hormones boy who only thinks with his dick, and thinks of me as gay since I've grown up

161, That comment suggests otherwise.

Mommyof2_91 10

Obviously my daughter will grow up and discover her sexuality, doesn't mean she has to post skimpy pictures. I'll raise my daughter to have class.

Mommyof2_91 10

Also, Your saying her sexuality should be nurtured...yes, by her significant other when she's at the right age, not by a bunch of pervs on the Internet.

Mommyof2_91 10

P.S. You don't need to know why I made a public announcement, it wasn't directed to you.

You wouldn't know what class is if you've got a bunch of random perves on your facebook account rather than friends. And if you think nurturing of sexuality begins with your partner you're a little behind on that one. Something tells me it's going to suck for you when your daughter hits puberty. PS. You can say everything in one comment, and the point of not being sure why was rhetorical. I know why, it's because you're living up to the blonde stereotype.

Get a pole out of ur anus and fix ur teeth u British cuntbag

Mommyof2_91 10

Haha ok to your blond statement. Funny because I was an honor roll student. Also I know I can put it all in one, as you know I have kids and I take care of them, I'm on my app so if I don't post what I typed before I walk away to care for my children it will delete the comment. My daughter could easily add her classmates, it's very common. Some of them could very well be perverts. It's people like you who I would hate to see pictures of her. The one's who don't get to see females naked in real life, so they think it's great when they can photo stalk half naked girls online. Creep

234, Don't worry, I don't really think you're a simpleton, I just think you're more like the average person who doesn't really think objectively or critically. No need to go defending your intelligence, it was just an off the cuff comment. That said, your ability to do well at school means little in terms of intelligence. Good luck policing society when your daughter goes to the beach, goes swimming, just generally goes out in really hot weather wearing less clothing. People are going to look at her and find her attractive, this is a part of life, and yes you will think some of them are creepy perverts. I think the term "get some real problems" would apply here. Anyway, this is going nowhere, so let's just agree that I'm right, but you have an opinion too.

klovemachine 24

Round 1 goes to Mommyof2_91 :) sorry downtime you are owned :D

For the record, that -1 vote wasn't from me. Since apparently all my comment voting needs to be accounted for in this thread. Oh I also downvoted anyone who didn't agree with me, and voted my own comments up. Just so you all know, because, for some reason that is important. The -2 however, that was me :D

Mommyof2_91 10

I wouldn't say you win. I'm not going to let her dress skimpy to the beach either. They do actually have swim suits that aren't skimpy, including 2 pieces. Im going to teach my daughter what's appropriate and what's not, based on my views. I've never posted skimpy pictures of myself and it didn't affect negatively. You act as if it's necessary for a girl to post revealing pictures of herself in order to develop sexually, that's far from the truth. One thing I'll agree on is to disagree because this is really wasting my time.

...Yes that was actually a joke. It may not have been funny to you, but I'd expect you to at least recognise the obvious sarcasm. You also missed the point of the beach comment. Then you put words into my mouth, at no point did I say or even imply that to develop sexually girls will need to take photos of themselves. You've obviously missed the point.

The sister was being an attention *****, but I don't believe violence will solve the issue...or help the fact that OP is grounded.

Punch who? The mom? I don't know about you, but if I punched my mom I would never hear the end of it and would probably be grounded for a whole lot longer than one month. If you mean the sister, then that still doesn't solve OP's problem and would probably get OP into more trouble.

8- Which? XD Cause I'm thinking just punch both lol

Yeah because after getting grounded for calling out his sisters attention-*****-ness that would help SO MUCH!!!

Then afterwards make her die a slow painful death... And if you want slow and painful you use fiberglass, a hammer, a funnel and razorblades... Think of other slow painful ways to kill someone

For the grammar nazis, a slow painful death might include hundreds of "your so stupid"- esque comments. For everyone else, perhaps a lengthy concert by Justin Bieber.

Ravena1213 0

If she wants to feel better about herself, posting barely clothed photos on Facebook wont help that! She needs to get up from the computer and take a jog instead!

Shes probably not really fat. As said in the FML, she was seeking attention. Idiot.

snowleopardlove 0

I agree with Ravena. People need to stop SEEKING attention and start GETTING attention by getting off their asses and stop complaining.

15 - if it's about trying to not feel fat, then going for a jog will do the trick nicely.

^ Ops sister is obviously not fat, hence "attention seeking". Why the **** would an insecure overweight person post pics of themselves saying they were fat? Common sense..., you should try it sometime.

snowleopardlove 0

The fact is not that she is or is not fat, it is that she is complaining about it to get attention. If she goes for a jog, she will 1.) get the benefit of feeling better about herself and 2.) get the attention she wants.

JKChristina 3

"fuckballs" HAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing. That's an awesome word.

Whorefuck is obviously not an "awesome" word.

TarieBoo 2

10- you and me both. im totally gunnna start jsing that because that word is far beyond amazing(:

peachyFML 17

That is as good as fucktard, if I do say so myself! :)

^ nah, fucktard has come and gone long ago