By fat and broke - 28/06/2015 07:17 - United States - Federal Way

Today, my cleavage got me out of a speeding ticket. That is, until the officer looked up long enough to realize I'm a guy. FML
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You should have taken your nipple out. Make him question his sexuality.


And after you're done hitting it, maybe head inside and do some exercise.

Well look! Whether he was a super fit guy or a bit overweight: he still would have gotten a ticket either way. What's amazing is he managed to get out of one for some time. I'm female and I can't even make that happen...

christinamarie17 29

Take it as a compliment? You make a lovely woman?

Well, maybe not since he wasn't able to get out of the ticket, but at least he has desirable cleavage!

You should have taken your nipple out. Make him question his sexuality.

Maybe wiggle it, to see if he enjoys it.

If he's that oblivious to things he shouldn't be a cop

ChloeMeyers_Xo 16

Let's be real, once a man sees a pair of breasts he is then automatically declared legally blind to the rest of the world around him. It doesn't matter if he's a cop or a crook, titts are titts.

I feel bad now. Not because the op had cleavage, but because the cop was swayed by it -_-

The officer is probably well known for trying to get it on. Let me put it like this. When he walks in the room the fish stop swimming.

ZombieVampirez 24

Should of pulled your shirt down a little further. ;)

I don't know if I should press "your life sucks" or "you deserve it"... From what I see, it's a "comical and unforgettable laughter."