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Today, my sister asked me to grab her some toilet paper. I refused, so she grabbed my favorite shirt out of the laundry basket and used it to wipe. I was busy icing my sprained ankle. I couldn't walk. She knew this. FML
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OP absolutely deserved this, what kind of soulless bastard leaves someone sitting on the can with Clingers... The screwed up ankle is a factor but still, what's a little pain compared to being trapped with no tp. NOTHING is worse than that helpless stuck on poop feeling. LMFAO


No, OP did not deserve this. OP's sister could have waited for a while longer on the toilet until he was done icing his ankle, it's not like her ass was a time bomb that'll blow up and kill her if she didn't wipe right away.

Patience is a virtue.

  mariri9206  |  32

12 and 32, it never stated where OP was or that they were sitting on a couch, tbh.

granted, logical guess would be OP and sister are in diff rooms, but it was never actually specified so I can see how 6 sees this as a legitimate question.

  countryb_cth  |  38

Umm if OP was in the same room as her sister she would have;
1) probably been able to get her the toilet paper
2) stopped her sister from wiping her ass with OPs shirt

By  born_hustla  |  26

That's messed up! But did you explain to your sis why you couldn't get her toilet paper or did you simply refuse? Either way she shouldn't have done that, but you may have given her a reason. Just saying!