By TT - 19/04/2009 20:48 - United States

Today, I went to get some teeth pulled. I had Novocaine in my gums and lip so I couldn't feel a thing. When the doctor is pulling out the last tooth, he sneezes and pulls the tooth out. He looks in my mouth and I hear, "Oh, shit..." I now have stitches in my mouth. FML
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:s I hope the shit from his sneeze didn't go in ur cut :S:S


:s I hope the shit from his sneeze didn't go in ur cut :S:S

Yea that would get infected ow. I hear lawsuit!

never heard of a professional such as a dentist cussing on the job.

lol "oh shit..." was at the top ten list of things you dont want your doctor to say... i guess dentist prolly counts

:O how many stitches? damn that sucks

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That gives me the creeps just to think about!

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Your comment is bad and you should feel bad.

Ick! That sucks. I have read a few other FML's regarding bad Dentists...and I wonder...HOW DO THESE PEOPLE GET HIRED? HONESTLY. I am scared of Dentists now.

I find it hard to believe a dentist would just continue pulling when he felt a sneeze coming.

Dentist fail that sucks dude, FYL indeed

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you would've had stitches either way...

What? I never got stitches when I had to get 3 of my teeth pulled :(

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