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Today, whilst on a phone interview with a college I really want to go to, my mother picks up the other line and shouts into the phone "She's not going to college, she's lazy and she'll only disappoint you." The interviewer hung up before I could say anything. FML
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That's tough. Time to move out. Or push mama down the stairs.

It's too bad we all have cordless phones now, you could've used the cord to strangle her.


That's tough. Time to move out. Or push mama down the stairs.

I would do both, that bitch may have just ruined OP's future with that one sentence. What parent would intentionally make their child fail?

Every parent on every reality tv show ever.

90 - I'm not sure if you're talking to 1, 36, 39 or 57 but no matter who it was that wasn't very nice. What did they do to you? :(

OP's mother may very well regret this moment in the future. What a horrible thing to do to your child.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that perhaps 90 was referencing SNL.

i would sue her. way to ruin op's future and hopes and dreams. **** that.

I very, very rarely wish ill upon someone, but this two-legged abomination that OP calls a mother is not worthy of the air we humans breathe. When shit hits the fan, she will know that ******* over one's own offspring is one of the worst things you can do. I hope you can resolve this shit, OP.

If the mother wonders why her child won't support her when she's old... Bring this shit up.

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op could just send the school only her handphone number .. just tell theschool she does not have a house number

94 - No shit? I was talking about 90's threadjack. The OP wasn't mentioned in that comment. So being a threadjack, it could look like they were talking to a previous commenter on the thread. Which is what I was getting at.

114- theoretically op could sue for libel but those are hard to win

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I don't think so. Even sarcasm here doesn't work. The mom not letting the OP get the desired college is too shitty.

I get the distinct impression that #2 here is at the age where valuing a good education is for the nerdy people only.

Haha! Yes, ruining your child's future is simply hilarious! Moron.

Haha yea, the mutilation of a person's hopes and dreams sure is awesome!

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I find it funny that his username is 'nevergetsfirst' and his comment is #2 :)

No her mum is a psychotic cockgoobbling asscandle, who should have some sense knocked into her.

I'm with #9 on this one. That mom is horrible.

61- I don't have any idea what half of that meant.

No, 2, she's really not. That was super cruel. It's so trendy on here to say "how awesome" when a family member does something to the OP. =_= done with you guys

i would never speak to her again. ever. i would be beyond pissed off. that could change your whole future and **** a lot of shit up for you. I'm sorry your mim is such a prick.

It's too bad we all have cordless phones now, you could've used the cord to strangle her.

Settle for giving her mom a concussion by hitting her with the cordless phone?

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Yes, you're so lazy that you're being interviewed with a college you want to go to. Makes sense.

If I was interviewing someone for college, and they had good grades and a decent application (which in effect proves the mother wrong), I'd take this as a massive plus, and wouldn't have to hear the rest of the interview.

Apologize for your mother's behaviour and prove her wrong! Take initiative and try to contact them again.

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I agree with #7. But why on earth would your mom want to ruin something that important?

Attachment issues? That's really the only thing I can think of that would make someone be so mean and damaging to their own child.

68- Could also be that OP's mother doesn't want to have to pay for college.

70, it's not always the parent paying for college. I know people who work after school to pay off the fees. And for OP's mother, you are a bitch. To OP, move out with a roommate. I would've told my own mother off for that, but I do trades and not school.

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i hope you don't get into any are probably fat

What an awful thing for your mother to do! But don't give up! You can always call the college back, preferably from a friend's house where your mother can't overhear, and explain the situation. And once you're in college, you won't have to deal with your mother any longer if you choose not to. It'll be tough, but you can do it!