By Emily - 05/12/2012 17:55 - United States - Boston

Today, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. My breathing is short and heavy, and I wanted my boyfriend to comfort me. Instead, he called me Darth Vader, patted me on the head, and said, "Don't worry, the Force will be with you." FML
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The force of heavy cough & heavy breathing.

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What OP needs right now is some tender... loving... medication. Heavy medication.

Well, at least your boyfriend is willing to stay by your side. No doubt that it was probably weird, but who cares? At least he is there.

Edit: Not physically by your side (b/c it said "called") but at least there to support you while you're sick!

But he patted her head, so he had to be there. Calling is not only on phones. I can call someone ugly without a phone.

Oh my... I totally read the FML wrong! Please disregard my second comment! Thumb it down... 44 - Call someone ugly without a phone? What's your point? Why that example?

Comfort you? He's a man... Suck it up buttercup. We are not designed for comforting.

60 I happen to be the manliest guy I know, and I would comfort my girl if she was in the hospital.

That just stinks really (short breath) bad.

91 - Yes, thank you. I know now... English isn't my first language, Russian is. But I just got confused for a second by the different meanings of "call" (telephone or in person). I do deserve a facepalm, lol I'm embarrassed. I was just concerned if 44 was calling me ugly, but looks like 95 believes he didn't.... not that it bothers me. I was just wondering why would he say such thing.

97- You can tell it was in person, because she goes on to say that he patted her. English is the one of -if not the hardest- language to learn correctly.

Sorry didn't mean to frighten you. You said you are Russian, which means you are Christian orthodox. Your user starts with X. I am also orthodox and the only name I know that starts with an X is Xenia. I don't actually know you, I was just doing some detective work. That's why they call me Ryuzaki!!

126- I also doubt he was calling you ugly based off of the fact that (at least in your profile pic) you clearly are not.

Wow... you're pretty terrible at this aren't you?

Don't be silly, Padmé. It's pronounced "neck".

You know, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw that scene, way back when I was little. Padmé: "blablabla, whine, breaking my heart" Anakin: "No- I'm breaking your neck." *Force choke* He really should've said that.

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40- he could have done that but what he really wanted to do was run her through with his light saber. If ya know what I mean.

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#40_Riddle Winky Dog this Batman/Batgirl: Exactly how do you have time to respond to every post!?

4- "Shitty comment, that was." "These are not the lols you're looking for" "I find your lack jokes disturbing."

Wow, you won't have a relationship last more than a week if you dump people for things so insignificant.

Hey now 4, someones gotta pay the bills.

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Those are THE comforting words in any kind of sickness..... ...or constipation.

Awww that was both awesome and sweet in its own way... :D Still, I hope you get better OP!

Lol idk it's kinda harsh! maybe she should force choke him!

Dumbass, he ought to be concerned. That shit nearly killed me when I had it.

Me too, I had a couple surgeries and a chest tube. I lost 15% of my weight in a week. However, I don't blame him, I think he was doing his best to be comforting.

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I guess I'm lucky then. I had it a few weeks ago and was fine after a week and I only went to the hospital to get medicine.

23- I was having oxygen while they sorted out whether or not it was pneumonia. While laying there, I fell asleep, and the oxygen mask fell off my face. My dad tried to wake me, but couldn't. I was unconscious, not breathing. Had he not try to wake me, I would've silently died. OP's boyfriend shouldn't be so lighthearted. I guess I'm getting thumbed down for not being funny. Oh well.

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Holy shit, 83, that's scary as hell. They didn't have you hooked up to monitors or anything?

I feel for you, 83. I think our cases were both very severe but also very different. My doctor looked at an MRI to determine if I needed surgery, and said that I didn't. Unfortunately, he had looked at an old MRI, and I was nearing death. Thank God his intern noticed. If they had waited a day or two longer, a fluid developing in the right side of my chest would have pushed my lungs and crushed my heart, causing a slow, painful death. I ended up having to be carried around on a tray in excruciating pain as a tube literally sucked the fluid out of me. I had literally no desire to eat or drink for a week and a half, and basically lived off IV's. I had a central line coming out of my chest after it was all okay, and I had to go get it removed. I expected to be put under or something, but the doctor just grabbed it and yanked it out from under my skin. I don't think I've ever screamed so loudly in my life, that was undoubtedly the worst pain I ever felt.

That's so weird! When I had a central line, I was put under for removal, though it only took about 15 minutes. And no, Mr Barkrey, no monitors. Shoddy healthcare FTW!

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Darth Vader's voice is awesome. Take solace in the fact that you don't sound like Chewbacca.

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Tell him he will be hand solo with his light saber until you are better. Welcome to the dark side.