By wellshitthen - 21/10/2015 19:30 - United States - Westborough

Today, my long time girlfriend flew across the country to visit. My asshat roommate decided to introduce himself to her while I was in the bathroom. She left and won't answer my calls. He won't tell me what he said to her. FML
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wellshitthen tells us more.

Hey all, OP here. Surprisingly, it turned out as a happy ending! My girlfriend asked my roommate to keep me busy for a while so she could run out and grab a birthday gift that she ordered at a local store since she couldn't fly it in with her. My roommate is still an asshat for choosing to give me a heart attack as a way to keep me busy, but it could have been a lot worse.

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I wanna read a follow-up from this one !

mermaidkeels 26

Where would she go? I'm guessing she's not familiar with the area.


I wanna read a follow-up from this one !

More than anyone, I think OP needs a follow-up on this

Update: OP's room mate went missing soon after the incident.

Maybe he told her he was his boyfriend. As a sick af joke.

leogachi 15

@37 How would that be a sick joke? It would just be playful banter unless the other person didn't think it was funny, and even then it would only have been awkward.

whatarethisss 23

Why would OPs gf believe someone she just met over her long time bf. She should've conftronted OP and figured everything out instead of just leaving and not getting things straighten out.

ChopSuey444 20

I agree that, if they've really been together a long time, they should have good enough communication skills for her to at least confront OP. However, not knowing what was said makes it hard to fully understand. An extreme example would be if OP had cheated on the girlfriend in the past, told the roommate about it, and the roommate choosing to come up with a "You're being cheated on again" sort of joke. That would be believable AND very painful.

think it might be time for a new roommate, hopefully she'll answer your calls soon

mermaidkeels 26

Where would she go? I'm guessing she's not familiar with the area.

In fairness, I don't find it right that she would not give you a chance to explain yourself and just leave, whatever your flatmate said. She is your long time girlfriend, she should trust you and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Yeah, sucks for OP but the fact that she was willing to leave based on whatever the OP's roommate said without talking to her boyfriend first shows that maybe she isn't that great of a girlfriend.

Agreed. I mean, I could think of a few occasions where her actions make sense (ie: she got an urgent call to leave and the roommate is just messing with op, she's the type to get overemotional easily so she's taking a walk to calm herself down first (depending on how long it's been, op doesn't say), the roommate said/did something that made her feel like her safety was at risk, etc...) but more likely than that it seems like she just has trust issues. Those can be pretty destructive in a relationship. Hope everything turns out ok :/

JustinJK 21

She flew across the country, and is in a long distance/long term relationship. I wouldn't say she's a bad girlfriend for storming off. Besides, we only see a small window of time. I'm personally one to storm off and vent because it's better to collect myself than to fly off the rails. I wouldn't say she's a bad girlfriend if the roommate said something really terrible.

countryb_cth 38

It could have been that the roommate told her that he had been or has cheated on her. I know if I heard that (especially if the roommate sounded very since. Or if the roommate had a photoshoped picture of him "cheating") then I would be pretty upset. Plus we don't know if she just went to a hotel or something like that to cool off and think about what happened. She will probably talk to him again soon it might just be that she is really upset at the moment.

Le_ponderer 14

This is when you duct tape his ass to a chair, tape his eyes open and blow air into them till he confesses the sinister encounter. That was an insensitive prank taken far too far; on his part. Send your lass an sms or mail explaining your side of things. Fight for your love. Good luck OP!

Why fight for the love? His roommate told her something, and instead of asking her boyfriend about it, she just left. Doesn't seem like someone to fight for to me.

reynaa 17

OPs roomate- "oh heyy are you the visiting friend? im the boyfriend nice to meet you" ^-^

I suppose there's an extra element of suspicion in a long term relationship, text her an explanation and keep trying to ring. I hope it all works out

spacefish966 18

What a fucktard ! I'd beat the information out of him. .....although it is kind of weird your girlfriend just took off

Well, seems as good a time as any for justifiable homicide.

Your roommate is an asshole for doing that, and your girlfriend should have talked to you before leaving, because normally one trusts their partner more than their partner's roommate. That really sucks ... Good luck OP !