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Today, my boyfriend texted me, saying, "I'm running a bath. Wanna come over and learn about water displacement?" I excitedly drove over, thinking he wanted to have some fun. No, he really did want to teach me about water displacement. FML
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It just goes to show, guys aren't always thinking about sex.

Psych101 9

Hopefully you learned something. Both about water displacement and how literal your boyfriend is.


Wait, what? Why would someone even need to learn about water displacement in a bath? Shouldn't it be common knowledge?

Not really, there's whole courses about things such as water displacement and other things like density.

This FML is actually how water displacement was originally learned... Go look it up.

46 - although you learn the basics of it in elementary there's more to every scientific theory than just that.

I got here from FMLshark's post on that Iguana guy when she mentioned the water displacement person.

The best way to learn is to have sex in the tub

Doesn't matter; had s.... Oh, they didn't? Well what the ****...

gosh! get it straight!! they did not ****. theres no "whats" about it!!

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No it's not? It's noisy and water is splashing everywhere. That's my least favorite place.

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It sounds like Sheldon from the big bang theory

I could say : «hell yeah! Spot on !» But i wasn't making reference to anything. If you want it to be that then ok ^^.

Psych101 9

Hopefully you learned something. Both about water displacement and how literal your boyfriend is.

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Well you can never know too much. Plus you could always just have sex after

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Well, let's hope he never wants to have hot burnin sex with her then...

Not to mention sad if he gave up the opportunity to have sex with his girl.

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Yeah very honest, you can't find many guys like that these days..

It just goes to show, guys aren't always thinking about sex.

I am. All the time. Right now I'm thinking about how sex with a dolphin's blowhole would feel. I haven't made up my mind on if I would like it or not...

If a dolphin ever rapes you, you can rape him back (:

I'm sure if you really wanted to know what it feels like you could find it on the Internet somewhere.

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39- ha ha, your picture is perfect for that comment

Actually while looking up stuff about instances of homosexuality in other species besides humans I came across something about gay dolphins. They do have blowhole sex. I will never unsee that diagram D:


Absolutely not! At least 10% of my day I'm thinking of food.

Well he did say what he meant, so ydi for jumping to conclusions, I guess

Yup, complete YDI. I remember another FML just like this one of the guy jumping into conclusions. Now that this is a girl all of the sudden her life sucks? Nope.avi

I actually went back and read that one. There are 2x as many YDIs and people are all calling him an asshole because "all he thinks about it sex." Definately a gender bias here...

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Why would you think he wanted to have fun? "Water Displacement" it doesn't even sound sexy

You have a very innocent imagination. I should warn you that that won't last long here.

slimshadey 5

Aha my mind is actually dirtier than you think. I personally just don't see this situation as "dirty" or "sexy" xD

Yeah, zomg totally knows the fml community d:

I conquer, intelligence is very sexy.

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Sex while in water tends to end up lacking lubrication.

100- that my friend, is false. Note, this fact is based on personal experience.

106- you obviously haven't had enough sex underwater. In my opinion, it is extremely overrated and not pleasurable.

So you just sat there and listened, right? And how the hell did you think "Water displacement" meant anything close to sex?

It's not difficult. If they tried to have sex in the bath, they would inevitably cause water displacement when they got in. With that in mind, it's easy to see how OP could have interpreted the text to mean her boyfriend was horny. You're welcome.

10- Why is my husband in your profile picture? Erm...this is awkward. Sorry, irrelevant, I know, but I'm just happy to see another Reid fan :)

Worshiping fictional characters is never healthy.

Tell that to Noor. *cough cough ezio cough cough*