Good girl

By vanessa560 - 03/01/2012 19:44 - Canada

Today, my dog started limping as we were walking home. I thought she'd hurt herself, so I picked her up and carried her home. Once we arrived, I put her down, at which point she ran around and played as if nothing had happened. I fell for my lazy dog's plan to get me to carry her home. FML
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That awkward moment when you realize your dog is smarter than you...

kingsley_fml 8

What a bitch.


next its fetch and rollover

What does that have to do with what happened in the FML?

bamagrl410 31

I believe 1 was saying the dog would get the owner to fetch & rollover because she would fall for it. In other words, smart dog. Knows how to get its way lol

That dog is freakin smart

Man, OP...that's ruff...

umm, I live in Ontario and right now it's like -29 out.. the dogs paws were frozen.. you try walking barefoot in-29 degree weather

Anybody else realize the FML cuts off? It said "I thought he'd hurt her," and doesn't say what. I'm assuming it's her leg, but yeah. Just pointing that out.

I thought she'd hurt her... Hurt her what the suspense is killing me!

She obviously thought she hurt her which is why she carried it home.

Bitches be crazy

They have fur on the bottom of there feet dumbass

62 & 64- it says the dog hurt herself so it means that op thought the dog stepped on something since it was limping.

75- It used to say "the dog hurt her" but it got corrected.

oh I didn't realize...

lol badbrock , have you ever taken the time to look at a dogs foot.. most dogs have five pads kinda like fingers.. only huskies and stuff have furry feet and even then it just an excess of fur growing inbetween their pads.. ya never seen dog slippers, there not there to make the dog look cute

Ah now I look stupid. The FML was edited, so don't bother with my previous comment.

73 check again bud, they have very little fur, if any, between their "toes."

GovernorGeneral 8

Omg its so fuuckin cold outside. Dx Im in ontario too and its like -20 with a chill ._. smartass dog you have there OP. Anyone wanna tell me what OP means? :D I know where to use it just dunno what it means.

lebronesque73091 12

Smart dog.

sophisticated9 0

That is soooooo smart!!!

137- OP stands for original poster. The person who posted the fml.

Marcella1016 31

Maybe the dog really did have a cramp or something minor like that? And felt better by the time you got home? If not FYL OP, hope it was a small breed lol

GovernorGeneral 8

Oh thanks dude :D

kingsley_fml 8

What a bitch.

asianinvasionn6 0

Dont say that, a dog is a man's bestfriend right?

kingsley_fml 8

True, but maybe in this case it was better to let limping dogs lie.

LiyIa_fml 8

At least OP cares about his dog so much to carry her!! :)

maximilian13 4

18 - So are bitches;)

"I thought she'd hurt her." What?

Bitch is a female dog. . .

NBZ_fml 3

18- as 54 was hinting it was a purposefully ironic statement.

Ignore my previous comment, the FML has been corrected. :)

Human's best friend

Does any think it could of just had a cramp? My Dog gets it after laying down.

kingsley_fml 8

I don't know. Why don't you ask "any"?

prettypinklipsx 3

That sounds like something my dog would do. Lmfao!

it's cuz of the salt from the street u idiot. it sting when it enters the cracks between the paw pads.

Fuck off I made a typo cunt

Mind your tongue.

Ur dogs a genius i gotta try that...

mrmakefunofu 5

I had something really really clever to post... But saw something shiny and forgot...

cash_monkey72 9

Don't worry, that happens to me all the time.

I know rig- squirrel!

3- You want to try faking a leg injury so your owner will carry you home? It's worth a shot.

WoeIsEddy 5

Or play dead .

Poser1337 5

That's so 90's!

BayleeWasHere 1

-because the dog really had a plan.

SaMmIMonster96 6

Hey you are kinda cute ;)

but if the dog played dead it would prob end up cremated...

That awkward moment when you realize your dog is smarter than you...

that awkward moment when everyone starts saying "that awkward moment"...

what do you mean "starts"? theyve been saying it forever

kingsley_fml 8

That awkward moment when people give your comment a negative rating because you bitched about too many people making 'that awkward moment' comment.

shrdlu 28

That awkward moment when you realize this reply is self-referential....

flockz 19

that awkward moment when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it blowjob.

Muffinzz11 7

That awkward moment when you fail at writing awkward moments.

whosays1 7

I wish my dog was that smart!

^that awkward moment when someone kills the combo..

kingsley_fml 8

.sdrawkcab kaeps uoy ezilaer uoy nehw tnemom drawkwa tahT

how the heck did you do that?!?!?! ^

brianfantana32 10

Happens to me all the time

gazzdogs 5

Not sure if you are a dumbass, or just an annoying troll. ^

deadeyedex 6

That awkward when you realize I never put moment after awkward.

deadeyedex 6

That awkward when you realize I never put moment after awkward.

deadeyedex 6

That awkward when you realize I never put moment after awkward.

That awkward moment when you triple-post.

smart dog...

ThatFatGuyBehind 3

That dog is a genius evil mastermind, next he'll trick you into buying dog treats.

clever dog...

I would say the only good thing out of all of this is you get to feed yourself treats if you do a trick right...

Before you know it, you'll be chasing cars and cats for your dog, OP.

Outsmarted by man's best friend...FYL, OP, FYL.

Smart pooch!

We dont train dogs, they train us

In Soviet Russian, dog walk you.