By IHateMySister / Saturday 2 January 2016 10:36 / Denmark - Kirke-hyllinge
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  sturschaedel  |  27

Well, if you wash them hot enough, all germs should be dead, so it's not much of an issue with regular cotton panties. Delicate lingerie is harder to get hygienic again.

By  Devtyro  |  14

Use her tampons as an absorbent, then replace them.

  ViviMage  |  33

Pads. Tampons go inside the body, pads go in the underwear.

What makes me laugh at this, is the fact that some guys would do anything for that.

  cocacola999  |  26

If worn by a healthy woman without infections, panties often do not have visible stains on them (on most days) - of course, not all women are so lucky, but it occurs. And yes, women who have problems usually wear panty liners.


I'm a healthy woman without any infections and I do have some vaginal discharge. It's perfectly normal and serves a sort of cleansing function by removing dead cells and regulating the vagina's pH. Though amounts may vary, ALL women produce those secretions, and they will end up in their panties.

  cocacola999  |  26

Yes - but they are not always "visible" if you do not look closely. Depends on the colour of the panties, of course, but I don't think anyone would start closely inspecting panties they take from closet. As I said, it depends - but I can completely see OP not noticing. Especially as many people are sleepy when they get dressed in the morning.

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