By 2gewd4u - 15/01/2012 01:24 - United States

Today, I walked in on my sister sitting on the toilet, trying to use "The Force" to pull over the toilet paper roll sitting on the sink. FML
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Sorry, but you're wrong. She was using the Force to get you to come in and bring her the toilet paper, and it worked. Watch your back.

farnsworth 3

The force is strong with this one


farnsworth 3

The force is strong with this one

I'd just yell for my sister to get it. Ahaha the force isn't very strong for me.

That's not the worst thing you could walk in on her doing. Consider yourself lucky, OP.

And it actually worked! She got the roll....

kristena103 14

I imagined u saying it like ur old the force is strong with this one..

nublets 12

I find your lack of faith disturbing..

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Well are you going to help your sister?

Forget that, why the **** didn't OP knock first? Damn hippies.

Bet she shit herself trying to use "the force"

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farnsworth 3

I liked yours because we posted at the same time. Great minds think alike but I invented the finglonger

The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural.

Sean3pO 4

No, #7 you just saw how the world would've been if you created the finglonger on the what-if machine... =P

farnsworth 3

Listen up you whipper snapper! In fact I was watching myself on how the world would be If I didn't invent the finglonger!

Sean3pO 4

We were both wrong old man, where's a memory ray when you need one? You used the what-if machine to see what it would've been like if you had invented it, but then invented it later on.

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Nothing wrong with this...just a normal day in the bathroom using "the force". Doesn't everyone do that?

Sorry, but you're wrong. She was using the Force to get you to come in and bring her the toilet paper, and it worked. Watch your back.

9 I'm guessing it is something he removed from a patient

Why would you remove it from a deer?

Well it's a steak knife, I don't know many hoodlums who carry those around. Maybe someone fell on it while making dinner.

The "watch your back" in my comment is strangely appropriate here. I pulled that knife out of a patient's back. His brother had put it there.

That sucks for the brother who got stabbed. Crazy rednecks more than likely.

Lmafao, oh WiN so hard, you deserve a medal.

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Sadly, I'm guilty of trying this...

Michael_92 20

And here I thought I was the only one...small world

Using the force and accio. Both of which I try frequently

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She chose the wrong sci-fi franchise -- she should have gone with Star Trek. They're the ones to show you how to wipe out Klingons.

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There are multiple FML's on here about Trekkies and sex mishaps so she might want to stick with Star Wars for now.

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It was worth a try, two steps is a long ways away when your on the toilet.

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You could always reach your arms. Problem solved :)

everyone has to find out they don't have the force sometime in life..

RoseTintMyWorld 8

It's like turning 11 and not getting your Hogwarts letter. Just one of life's little disappointments.

bizarre_ftw 21

Then they go to platform nine and three- Ohhhhh you're not talking about the letter!!! Nm Then they enjoy more leisurely bathroom breaks

It was definitely heart breaking when I never got mine... I had such big plans for the wizarding world