By jriese444 - 23/12/2011 15:45 - United States

Today, my sister is visiting. She used more toilet paper today than I have in two months. FML
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I can't decide if she's using too much or you're using too little.


bugmenotmofo 34

That is nasty.

Yeah, nasty on the side of @jriese444 or the sister?

Sarajean32 5

My relatives do the same thing. I feel your pain FYL.

Check your neighbors' trees

Ok mabye op works for fox network and like everyone on that network they don't have an anus. And that's why everything fox says is full of shit... And that children is the meaning of Christmas


Is op saying he hardly wipes?

WTF is YOUR problem 40? Just change the channel and you will feel better. Then go wipe your ass.

I can't 56 I lost the remote :(

If OPs a guy he should know women always use more toilet paper.

ogatasan 5

Mud butt. Gross

Quick question: How the hell do you go from this fml to a haters montage on Fox news?.....well since we now plug in random stuff I just got a great Dane that eats small children

thiscrazything 1

I got 2 Great Danes that eat gators and the UPS guy(s).

TheDrummingResul 0

Worked up much?

kurlyfries222 0

Nasty for who...we don't know which one has issues...he's either blocked up or she's got the craps...

mduffy08 8

Really? Really? Liberals cannot bite their tongue for one fucking minute on Christmas on an FML post about wiping ass? Really? Somehow you bring the conversation about fox news, and then make it an bias lie? Go fuck yourself, and Merry CHRISTMAS and a happy fucking new year.

ashtonkay 7

Clap cl-clap.. Yup. Clap cl-clap.. Yup. She got a donk.

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fjretsel 1

Does she take it in the ass?

Benelli_SkM 0


Why do you care, it's not like you're getting any anytime soon.

Piss! Piss out mah ass!

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I don't wanna see the mess she left in that bathroom

monkeysareyummy 0

Or the stink! Hope you have fabreeze OP..

hellbilly205 17


I'm pretty sure she is just wrapping herself in it and pretending to be a mummy.

*Sigh* Spelling Nazis. :(

She probably went tp-ing. Either that or OP needs more fiber!

hellbilly205 17

Sorry everyone always gets me when i spell something wrong just returning the favor.

monkeysareyummy 0

I* ;)

141- forgive and forget. He's apologizing, so chill you fucking nazi.

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Nah, OP just forgot to mention that he only shits once a month.

xk75 4

And doesn't wipe when he does!

Comma? Okay that was just a dumb attempt at a joke. *slaps myself across the cheek*

She has the heaviest flow I've ever seen!

I bet you don't wipe... :) Or she has the major shits, either way... Nasty.

or he's a MAN and wipes with his hands... a very fucked up man.

Are we talking bra-stuffing or you know, "bathroom use"? I guess it doesn't matter. Either way, that's kinda sad.

Do people really stuff with toilet paper? I'm flat and not even I stuff!

21 I can always count on you to be on a thread that has to do with any topic on breasts or relating to them.

Either that, Or she was making toilet paper sculptures.

#28 Hey, #8 is the one who brought the topic up. I wasn't the one to bring it up this time. And if I seem obsessed, it's because I have BDD and talk sh*t about my breasts. Like seriously can't stop talking sh*t about them.

MrSexyPants 14

Maybe she was playing Mummy!

Woooo, down-votes. Vote away because I have issues with my body!

#112 Quit while you're ahead.

Maybe she hits blow

#128 Whatever, dude. I just find it rude that someone would down-vote me because I admitted that I have body issues. I'm just being honest.

toilet monster!!

Maybe she had a long ride getting there?

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bad ass cat man, nice head piece Mr. Cat

Caitlyn2 0

She must love toilet paper. Did she bring any with her?

blondebrunette11 4

Well some people eat toilet paper...?

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