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I usually wore ear plugs to those types of tests. Everyone around you should have brought nose plugs instead. You obviously needed a butt plug.

Damn. At least you didn't Shit your pants.


Damn. At least you didn't Shit your pants.

He'll never live this down, I can't imagine what shitting in his pants would cause.

Greg the Soccer Player: What the fuck Evan we're down two points! Evan: Fuckin' calm down Greg, it's soccer, it's soccer. Greg the Soccer Player: Fuck you man. Seth: Hey Greg, why don't you go piss your pants again? Greg the Soccer Player: That was like eight years ago asshole. Seth: People don't forget.... This will be op

25- *shit. In Op's case.

25, Where did you get Greg/Seth from? OP's name is Skyler. o.o

Hahaha perfect

25 - You have an awesome name. Nakai-san!

Beep beep it's the down vote train bitches.

Marked for your lifetime

Mark in your pants...

Marking your territory.

Skid marking.

Well did you check for any curds of shit in your pants?

As if I needed another reason to hate cottage cheese...

That's possible? No whey!

I'm guessing re-entering the classroom afterwards was the worst. Fyl.

At least you could leave class and sleep!

you can't help it.. not your fault

I don't think that makes OP feel any better!

Why are people thumbing this down?

Because it's not funny, damn it. Now make us laugh or get off the island!

I usually wore ear plugs to those types of tests. Everyone around you should have brought nose plugs instead. You obviously needed a butt plug.

There's always a next time.

It would probably just come shooting back out the way it went in.

I can just imagine OP finishing the test, falling asleep, butt plug inserted, and get so backed up with farts it just shoots out and KO's the proctor as he/she walked by.

At least OP's butthole wasn't sealed shut and had to be cut open to fart. Gotta find something positive right?

Butt plug...that doesn't sound all too pleasant.

Depends on who you ask, 59; if it exists, someone has a kink for it.

Sex toys for non-farting purposes!

HAHAHAAHAHAAH OH MY GOODness i wish i would have had one. you made my day. (my account that i posted this on tells me im missing verification when i comment or reply so i had to make another one)

Seems as if the monitor caught wind of your antics down there...

I read this and pictured a giant monitor lizard...

Look on the bright side. At least you finished.

that's embarrassing. but at least you know you fart in your sleep. better them knowing than your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Even if a boyfriend or girlfriend knew...who cares? It's a natural thing. I fart in my sleep. For someone to hold that against someone is stupid. Everyone poops..and farts. Just part of the human body.

Well, most people do fart in their sleep. When it happens in front of strangers or a large group of people that are mostly just random people and mere acquaintances, it is rather embarrassing. I am much more comfortable farting in front of my husband than I am in front of anyone else. So I'd think that the OP might actually rather this happened in front of their bf/gf than in front of their entire class.

#36- I totally agree. If I couldn't fart in front of Harley, I'd spontaneously combust, which would be pretty cool...but farting competitions are more fun.