By Hth / Tuesday 28 October 2008 00:13 / United States
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  NeatNit  |  32

Haha, a similar thing happened to me once... I was with a large group of friends (school robotics team) doing volunteer work in a closed room, and suddenly had probably the most vile fart I've ever had, but silent. One by one I saw the people besides me grossing out and trying desperately to breath... most of them had eventually left the room for a while. They never knew it was me. It was hilarious.

By  Roddsy  |  0


a friend always does this when there's like 5 of us in this REALLY small room - about 4 or 5 square metres.
(editing suite in media). its awful and disgusting ._.

and then our teacher walked in once and he was like -sniff- hmm something smells here..
we all pointed to my friend in unison XD he was not impressed, loll.

By  shazaire  |  0

omg my sides are hurting LMAO dude just because they couldnt be seen they we`re smelled. Youre a douche lol, you did it in an exam where people cant even escape your suffocating nastiness OMG the class probably did overall worse because they were gagging too much

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