That's a lot of damage!

By Stressed_Out_Student - / Wednesday 29 August 2018 22:00 /
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  DragonMaiden7  |  15

That’s good. Sometimes students and teachers just kind of clash, but the teachers have all the power to do what they please. I’m glad that the story had a happy ending with a ‘B’ at least!

By  WeirdUS  |  27

Important to make sure nothing changed regarding format. Especially an art class, just because that was was required before doesn't mean it's needed everytime. That's on you for not asking. teachers make odd subtractions to the formats/ or additions it is on you to ask. Some teachers are assholes, but you have to make sure nothing has changed.

By  BlackRose278  |  1

OP here! First ever FML published, AND its title is my favorite video ever? DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!
Yes, I did draw the pillowcase too in case you were wondering. This teacher was just extremely difficult to please and was vague about what they wanted. They just said to "follow the course module", So I did and asked as many questions as possible to make sure I did everything right. He said everything was fine throughout every draft I sent in too. Honestly, I think he just didn't like my art style as a whole and didn't want to say it. I had a painting teacher just like that years ago, so it's not uncommon for that to occur.

On the bright side I got a solid 'B' as my final grade and, of course, got thoroughly drunk for the first two times in my 24 years of life to celebrate.

  Madrias  |  36

I can understand that one. Had an art teacher when I was in grade school who flat out told me that I couldn't draw and would be better off in a different class. Scraped by with a D in that class.

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