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  mintcar  |  9

I took Cell and Molecular Biology with a friend this semester. She unfortunately got strep throat a day or two before the final. Although she emailed the professor and had proof of a doctors note, she was still not allowed to take the final exam.

As a result, she has to enroll again and retake the whole class next semester.

It depends on the professor. Some, even under whatever crazy situation you're going through will absolutely not allow a make up exam. And by signing the syllabus, you agree to the terms.

It sucks.

  CANNIBALx  |  0

An "almost" doctor would have FAR mote knowledge about diseases and most medical things, so I would trust their word over some random guys. Btw, why didn't she just give you another answer sheet?

  FYLDeep  |  25

Haven't you guys ever taken a written exam? Just writing non-stop for the hour? You would almost certainly not have enough time to finish. I wouldn't want to rule out something like that.

By  ulicksam  |  0

YDI for coming to school "really sick", test or not. Nice of you to care so much about everyone else at school that you're willing to share your gift with all of them. Idiot.

  Karnezar  |  2

Getting someone sick will last a few days to a month max. Missing an exam and failing (which is possible considering how terribly anal some teachers are about tests) will last for the next year, when you have to re-take the class.


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