By Anonymous - 01/11/2010 18:04 - Canada

Today, I got my first university math midterm back. I did so bad that my teacher put a sadface on the first page. FML
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yagurlteeteexoxo 0

Study harder...

Did your professor take points off for grammar? "Bad" is an adjective; "badly" is the adverb you should have used to describe how you did on the mid-term.


FYLDeep 25

Don't you mean maths? lololololololol, I'm just ******* with you.

well ydi, you should of been studying idiot. Are you going to be a garbage man for your career?

Who the hell studies idiot? And how would that have helped him on the test?

I study idiot... it's a fascinating subject, really. You can learn (unlearn?) a lot from idiocy. Being fluent in idiot can be a valuable life skill! Don't knock it till you try it! As for how it relates to math, an idiot studying idiot, will as an idiot, be so bad at idiot, that they actually fail to do bad on their test, thus acing a test due to their own stupidity! Simple!

sadface :[

ht01 0


well if you study you could be a billionare! if you don't study you could be picking up the billionares rubbish, it's simple want to be a winner or a loser?

wellll you know this frownie face could have been avoided if you just opened up a book and studied. then you would get this (: not this ): it simple, really.

hahaha am I the only one that thinks #51 is a win?

garbage men have to go to uneversity

MissKelly8D 0

ya know, they usually grade the tests and write the scores on the first page...

yagurlteeteexoxo 0

Study harder...

Xavi89 0

Well you fail!!!!

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FYLDeep 25

Don't you mean maths? Lololololololol, I'm just ******* with you.

dancebutterfly96 0

haha I watched a math video in class and the people would say "Maths" instead of math haha

actually in different countries it can be math or maths!

theDeafAids 3

maths is slang. math is legitimate word. short for mathematics

also known as the 7th loser. congrats!

TempestRain 0

poor baby:(

TempestRain 0

poor baby:(