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Today, I introduced my Spanish friend to a girl I've had a crush on for a long time. Because he only spoke Spanish and she only spoke English, I was the translator. The first thing he said to her was, "You are really pretty." I translated it as "I like other men." Later, they found out. FML
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Nice going man, another year of Spanish!

1, you must be new here, so I'm going to make this easy for you, stop commenting.

I've definitely seen this exact fml before

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YDI And am I the only one to notice that this FML has a period after the FML, whereas other FML's do not? Just something I noticed...

Never mind about the period. My iPod's screen is cracked so one of the cracks appeared to be a period.

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31 - That would probably be eres, not estas. Estas is generally for short-term things like mood or location. Being retarded isn't exactly something that will change that fast.

I'm sorry, but what is a period? To me, an English girl, a period is when a girl bleeds out of her ******. I'm guessing in this case, it's something different. (So going to get thumbs down for this)

131 - I'm also an English girl. It's a full stop. :)

Thank you! I am now enlightened, and won't think "Dafuq?!" when I see another comment like that

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122 - Grassyass for the correction. No hablo español mucho.

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. those are full stops in Australia :)

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OP, how did they find out anyway?

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Yeah okay I'm new here what ever, you're annoying anyway

166, same for all English speaking countries but the US.

Are you for real? He knew what he was doing...

Wow you're a bad friend, OP. *breaks YDI button*

I bet OP was just afraid his crush would fall for the sexy Spanish language, so I don't blame him. Although he could have handled it a lot better.

34 - Please please PLEASE tell me there was no pun intended when you used the term "handle".

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34-If OP was translating, I'm guessing he knows the spanish language as well. So I think you're talking about the accent.

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Good for you, Op! If you had translated correctly you would be on here with real regrets. Keep up the fine work!

If the Spanish kid had the guts to tell the girl she's pretty, then maybe you could have done the same. But instead, you just backstabbed your friend and and made yourself look like a jerk. YDI P.s: just because a guy tell a girl she is pretty doesn't mean she will start dating him.

Your a dick. But that's funny, how did they find out?

precisely. to rephrase this fml... he was a dick and was caught. helpful hint: if u don't want ppl to know you're a dick, don't be one!!

**** I can't believe I misspelled you're. I hate it when other people so that.

Nah my parents realized their problem, it was not having worn a condom

Well it's not really a misspelling, it's an autocorrect or a misjudgement of the 'd' key.

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If you're going to correct spelling, at least do it correctly.

Yeah I missed the d. Man I sucked at typing that day, which was many a fortnight ago.

haha you "missed the d" (teehee) deez nutz

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In love and war everything goes! What a great friend trying to steal your girl!

I think the saying is all is fair in love an war. Lol

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I think you meant to say "and" not "an". I'll say it however I want, I'm saying it.

If you're quoting something, say it right. If you're copying a quote and saying "whatever you want" that's plagiarism. So accept the correction and shut up. (:

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It's called paraphrasing, not plagiarism! It would be plagiarism if I quoted it correctly and said I came up with that saying! So you shut the hell up and do research before saying anything twit!

#135 bitch shut the hell up if you're going to quote something quote it right or shut the **** up instead!

Aug1508, my bad. Either way, calm down. o.o

Well if she's changing the quote Erica then it isn't really plagiarism.

Them Spanish are always trying to take our girls!

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Them Spanish? You sound racist and grammatically incorrect.

Correction: it's not racism, it's saying the Spanish are always trying to steal our girls, which is a stereotype

No, they take our jobs and government assistance without contributing. That's a big reason our economy is in the tank. Check on California. They are broker then broke because of the illegal immigrants they have to deal with.

72 HAHAHAH typical American always complaining that other people take their jobs. Yet I see a lot of stores hiring, but no we need a job that doesn't consist of manual labor. So damn ignorant, you're the reason why I hate this country. ( Sorry other commentators if I'm raging :)

78: Exactly. 72: Seriously? I hear your shit from people every day. This is the kind of crap dialogue they spew: Ignorant others: "Goddamn immigrants, why can't they stay in their own countries. Taking all of our ******* jobs..." Me: "But there are a good amount of job openings right now. Don't you watch the news?" I.O's: "Yeah, but those jobs don't pay well, and I'm not the kind of guy that gets my hands dirty." You have no ******* right to complain.You guys are so quick to complain about the lack of job openings, but you run in the opposite direction when you hear about jobs paying minimum wage that require manual labor. You went from paying taxes for immigrants to mow your lawn to paying taxes to mow your own lawn. Who's the fool now?

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Why you hatting racist a**hole do you hear me talking about white people (not trying to be racist)

Spanish people are from Spain, I don't think the U.S. has that many Spanish immigrants.

"it's like an idiot, but, ruder" 10 points to anyone who knows what that's from! ;) and no, not real points

Not real point? *thumbs down immediately*

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I think it means asshole, if my Spanish serves me right

It means stupid. Just not as rude as saying estupido.

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No it actually more like dumb a**

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I remember being told it means "bitch". However English is my first language and I'm not familiar with Spanish slang yet, so..... Have a cookie. Or something.

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You all are mostly correct, its Spanish slang and in different regions means something different, but the overall translation of the word means, idiot, stupid, or dumbass. And depending on the context of the word it can be taken as a rude insult or poking fun at someone in a joking manner. Does that clear it up?

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Google is very useful. It means asshole or jackass.

I speak spanish and english, Puta Pendeja de Mierda lol

Depend on the country what it means

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128 is correct. It also means coward or punk.

Why did you introduce them to each other in the first place?

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Dumb ass! The first rule of being a guy is keep your so-called "friends" away from any girl you are slightly interested in. That's why I aways go to Kathy Bates movies alone and tell all my "friends" they shouldn't see them ;)

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Perdix- your comments are my heroes. All of them. :)

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I "lessthanthree" assassins creed!

I thought the first rule of being a guy is to not show your Peter in public? If not then I know what I'm doin later

Oh shit, I thought the number one rule of being a guy is don't whip out your wiener in public. Atleast that's what my pappy told me