By Anonymous - 06/12/2010 22:53 - United States

Today, I decided to take a nap in the university library. I felt like I'd only closed my eyes for a minute, when a guy woke me up to tell me that I'd been farting in my sleep for the last half hour, and that the librarian was becoming concerned. FML
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You should have booked it out of there. Your gas speaks volumes about you. Don't shelf this issue- I would get your colon checked periodically.

I always thought that stood for "Lockheed Martin Astronautics Operations," but it all makes sense now!


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sounds like a health issue.

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11, thank you captain obvious.

Yeah... farts stink. I don't know of anything smelling good when it has methane and hydrogen sulfide mixed in it.

and what country is that

You all stink.

Nah, close your legs and the smell will go away...

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what exactly were you dreaming of....

Sounds like a blast

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did the library explode.?! cuz if it did....that'd be one hell of a fart! :))

Was it a wet fart? ):

Your bodies natural alarm clock.

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sounds like something I would do!! haha

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115- are you implying that girls do fart too???

wait what... girls fart?!

117 yes they fart, and pms farts smell 10x worse than anything a man puts out

A research proved that men had higher quantity of gas, but women had more "offensive odors" :D.

all of y'all stink and that's what I think now my face is all pink cuz I made a stink. whaddya think?!

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this reminds me of silent library for some reason..

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haha you should be quiet in library's

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Hahahahahaha! Nice job.

Lemme guess.. You are the right one?

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lol win ^

Lmao! (laugh my ass off).

Thanks for explaining!

I always thought that stood for "Lockheed Martin Astronautics Operations," but it all makes sense now!

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i said this once and i'll say it again; thank you captain obvious.

OP farted so I was trying to make use of a pun. Hence the lmao.....

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A pun should be quite obvious. Once read, it should be followed with " oh I get it" or " ah, I see what you did there. " (I'm not the queen of making puns though. You'd have to go to Doc for that). I thought you were trying to be captain obvious until I read your explanation.

Woohoo! I'm the queen of puns! Heeeeey...wait a minute...

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Hahaha. I caught my mistake but decided to leave it there due to laziness. I was actually kind of hoping you would look over it. Damn you Doc!

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Something like... I'll bet that was a rip-roaring good time. Sounds like a gas! or even That stinks. I ...stink... with puns but you get the picture.

you mean fmao?!?!

my dad takes those before he has beans, well, sometimes :/ Also, what is your tattoo of? It looks cool

No it doesn't... It looks like the top of a cartoon bird's head.

Best Fml I've read thus far. ha ha

You can't have been here long.

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it really isn't that great.

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lol his a man.... men+farts= bound to laugh

I'm guessing 80 wasn't burdened with an overabundance of learning.

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83 is delightful

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#83 your such a big softie!!

Lmao at least you have a nice librarian :)

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Haa i modded this one. :) Maybe you should not eat beans...

I hope you didn't moderate this one, so you could make that "bean" comment.

At least you didn't shit your pants in your sleep. PLOP!!

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