By Anonymous - 06/12/2010 22:53 - United States

Today, I decided to take a nap in the university library. I felt like I'd only closed my eyes for a minute, when a guy woke me up to tell me that I'd been farting in my sleep for the last half hour, and that the librarian was becoming concerned. FML
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You should have booked it out of there. Your gas speaks volumes about you. Don't shelf this issue- I would get your colon checked periodically.

I always thought that stood for "Lockheed Martin Astronautics Operations," but it all makes sense now!


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11, thank you captain obvious.

Yeah... farts stink. I don't know of anything smelling good when it has methane and hydrogen sulfide mixed in it.

Nah, close your legs and the smell will go away...

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what exactly were you dreaming of....

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did the library explode.?! cuz if it did....that'd be one hell of a fart! :))

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sounds like something I would do!! haha

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115- are you implying that girls do fart too???

117 yes they fart, and pms farts smell 10x worse than anything a man puts out

A research proved that men had higher quantity of gas, but women had more "offensive odors" :D.

all of y'all stink and that's what I think now my face is all pink cuz I made a stink. whaddya think?!

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this reminds me of silent library for some reason..

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haha you should be quiet in library's

I always thought that stood for "Lockheed Martin Astronautics Operations," but it all makes sense now!

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i said this once and i'll say it again; thank you captain obvious.

OP farted so I was trying to make use of a pun. Hence the lmao.....

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A pun should be quite obvious. Once read, it should be followed with " oh I get it" or " ah, I see what you did there. " (I'm not the queen of making puns though. You'd have to go to Doc for that). I thought you were trying to be captain obvious until I read your explanation.

Woohoo! I'm the queen of puns! Heeeeey...wait a minute...

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Hahaha. I caught my mistake but decided to leave it there due to laziness. I was actually kind of hoping you would look over it. Damn you Doc!

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Something like... I'll bet that was a rip-roaring good time. Sounds like a gas! or even That stinks. I ...stink... with puns but you get the picture.

my dad takes those before he has beans, well, sometimes :/ Also, what is your tattoo of? It looks cool

No it doesn't... It looks like the top of a cartoon bird's head.

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lol his a man.... men+farts= bound to laugh

I'm guessing 80 wasn't burdened with an overabundance of learning.

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Lmao at least you have a nice librarian :)

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Haa i modded this one. :) Maybe you should not eat beans...

I hope you didn't moderate this one, so you could make that "bean" comment.

At least you didn't shit your pants in your sleep. PLOP!!