By Anonymous - 24/11/2009 05:57 - United States

Today, like many other days, I fell asleep in math class. Unlike other days, however, I woke up with a start while ripping a really loud fart in my sleep. The whole class heard it because it was during a lecture. Even the teacher was laughing at me and I had to walk, no, run out of the room. FML
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YDI, you woke up to yourself farting?! LMFAO

That's what you get for sleeping during class! /nerd


EDIT - The comments' feed is going bats**t crazy, so never mind my original comment.

That's what you get for sleeping during class! /nerd

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The way this is worded is too melodramatic. And you woke up with a start? Wat?

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I would've too had I farted so loud that my entire class heard me. lol YDI, OP. Don't fall asleep.

We find shit funny, pun intended ;) OP, YDI for running out. If you'd laughed it off people would just forget about it after a while. Now that you ran out it's a story they could use to embarrass you in the future.

Horde 8

double YDI for not paying attention in class, and for running out instead of asking "Did you heared the frog as well??"

Sorry, sweetie, but you made my day. Just the imagery... :p Had to be killer. FYL for sure. :D

It's probably because you have gastrointestinal problems, and view them as illness rather than gaseous burrito remnants.