By Anonymous - 24/11/2009 05:57 - United States

Today, like many other days, I fell asleep in math class. Unlike other days, however, I woke up with a start while ripping a really loud fart in my sleep. The whole class heard it because it was during a lecture. Even the teacher was laughing at me and I had to walk, no, run out of the room. FML
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YDI, you woke up to yourself farting?! LMFAO

That's what you get for sleeping during class! /nerd


Fixed. Thank you.

EDIT - The comments' feed is going bats**t crazy, so never mind my original comment.

That's what you get for sleeping during class! /nerd

waterynuggets 0

The way this is worded is too melodramatic. And you woke up with a start? Wat?

CheshireHalli 19

I would've too had I farted so loud that my entire class heard me. lol YDI, OP. Don't fall asleep.

I don't get why people laugh at farts

We find shit funny, pun intended ;) OP, YDI for running out. If you'd laughed it off people would just forget about it after a while. Now that you ran out it's a story they could use to embarrass you in the future.

Horde 8

double YDI for not paying attention in class, and for running out instead of asking "Did you heared the frog as well??"

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Sorry, sweetie, but you made my day. Just the imagery... :p Had to be killer. FYL for sure. :D

YDI, you woke up to yourself farting?! LMFAO

Chaos187 6

Still shufflin?

It's probably because you have gastrointestinal problems, and view them as illness rather than gaseous burrito remnants.