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  chickunkey  |  0

Jesus Christ. Don't even joke about buttplugs!! My best friend was instantly killed by a buttplug after it had been launched from the ass of some fucker who had been wearing one.


only 9.99!!!!!!!!! Butt plugs keeps you from farting and shitting on your self!! so go buy!! warning: this product does not keep out from pissing on your self. caution: butt plugs can kill people so while wearing butt plugs please wear underwear or pants so not to hurt people. BUTT PLUGS ONLY 9.99!!!! GO BUY!

  pimplayer  |  0

is a buttplug a penis? ur inventions are like that of the teacher from southpark. u know that "car" where the seat goes up your butt and another in your mouth lol

  leeshxx  |  3

I'm "downing" on things that aren't funny or pathetic. Debbie downer really? and if it were my post it would have my name on it and I would have a pretty ribbon on my comments. sorry to burst your bubble lovely

  igoteffed  |  0

(sing to the chorus of we'll all float on)
And we'll all troll on okay
And we'll all troll on alright already
we'll all troll on alright.
seriously trolls calm down.