By awkward O_o / Wednesday 24 April 2013 21:15 / United States - Saint Paul
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  KyraJFoxx  |  14

That would be beyond gross. Unless that's the kind of thing they're into. I say go with option B: invest in a lock if you don't already have one -- Hope you find a way to work this out , good luck OP

  KyraJFoxx  |  14

#21 , I understand "roommate" usually means more than one person sharing the same room and of course OP can't lock his 'roommate' out if that's the case but sometimes people say it meaning the person they live with. Like living in the same apartment or something (with seperate rooms) Not just "sharing a room".

By  CrissyyyS2  |  22

Well... why don't you masturbate in his bed? See how he feels. But then again... he could like it that you masturbated in his bed... now where will this be going.

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