By rune breaker
Today, I got the hiccups during an exam. I wasn't allowed to leave to get a drink of water, so I had to sit there and take my test while hiccuping violently. The teacher ended up sending me to the hall and ripping up my test for "distracting the other students". FML
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  GIJoefan  |  6

Everybody’s different. While it works for some people it may not work for others. Drinking water worked for a while with me, then it stopped working, so I had to move onto holding my breath. Things change. The body adapts.

By  SJKatt  |  10

This happened to me a lot as a kid. My hiccoughs sound weirdly like a mix between burping and almost vomiting so it's SUPER distracting. Teachers used to think I was doing it on purpose because other kids could burp on command. I never learned how to do that, but teachers never believed me.

By  boopingsnoot  |  23

I’ve had hiccups so strong, I almost knocked my desk over in class. Freaking out about it can make it worse, calm deep breathing can lessen the severity and frequency.

Cold carbohydrates set me off - cold french fries, refridgerated bread, plain room-temp pasta.

By  007dancer  |  12

I had a teacher who once told me to get out and not come back until they were gone. Came back at the end of the period to get my stuff and she was pissed as hell.... until I hiccuped in front of her. Your teacher sounds like an ass