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Today, my professor let a guy into my philosophy class 30 minutes late because his excuse was, "Time is just an illusion." This is the same professor that kicked me out of the classroom for being 2 minutes late. FML
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Next time go to his house at 3 AM, say that "time is just an illusion" and stay for 2 minutes to make it up :)

Test this out, turn up to class late again and give a crafty excuse.


Test this out, turn up to class late again and give a crafty excuse.

I'm here; therefore, I am.

I'm here, time never ends, therefore I'm here on time.

Cogito ergo sum

Next time go to his house at 3 AM, say that "time is just an illusion" and stay for 2 minutes to make it up :)

Nice. I like the way you think.

You little rebel. I like you.

Time is an illusion and money is just paper, paper is just trees and trees are just oxygen. People are stupid, so don't let a professor playing favorites affect you. Be first to every class and kickass

But money isn't paper

#14, it is and it isn't. Very large sums of money, such as $20 or $100, are made up out of paper, although dimes, pennies, ect. are made up of various minerals.

Why are you stupid??!?

#16: No. "Paper" money is made of cotton and linen. Coins are made from various metals.

Actually, 18, that depends on where you live. In Canada and Australia (and many others), for example, the "paper" money is actually made out of a plastic polymer. And, obviously, we don't actually call it paper money. Although we don't call it plastic money, either...

I hate it when professors are like that. You're paying money to be in that class, he shouldn't have kicked you out for being two minutes late. I'm sorry about that OP, sometimes professors aren't the nicest people in the world. Though there are really good ones out there, it sucks that you got the one that plays favorites.

Yeah that seems like a shitty discipline method. At my university, you could/would lose points from your grade for being late...but they always wanted you there to learn. Never once in 4 years did anyone get kicked out of class.

Being late is both disruptive and disrespectful to those who got themselves there on time and the professor. I totally agree with asking that person to leave until they figure out how to get where they need to be on time, like everyone else. The policy, however, should be enforced consistently.

Most classes aren't deep into anything two minutes after class starts.

too bad you can't prove it, with time being an illusion and all...

NakuEh 27

By that logic, what's the point in going to class?

Maybe u won't doing ur genjutsu right.

My genjutsu game strong! you can just call me itachi jr

I wonder what knowledge this professor would transfer to his students.

Perhaps he would not have kicked you out if you used the same silly excuse as that guy.

it isn't a silly response... time literally doesn't exist. the charted rate of decay does but not time time is a system to order life however it is just an idea and therefore does not exist if you believe it does exist then that is an illusion

Well, #50, we actually haven't got a clue about time. It might be an illusion. It might be a thing. It might be a dimension - or not. It might be possible to control our movement along the time axis, or we might be limited to traveling forward at a rate of 1 second per second. We just don't know.

He presented an argument in context of the course, you provided an excuse. That is a fine but defining line in philosophy