By Yo mom - 27/12/2011 07:12 - United States

Today, I was screaming at my neighbor to shut his dog up. After 30 minutes of bellowing, he yelled back that it was my dog that was barking. He was right. FML
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You were barking up the wrong tree buddy.

Can't you tell your dogs bark from anothers? We have three dogs, two of which are the same breed, but all seem to have different barks. Oh, and btw, nice truck number 1. I don't normally like dodges, but it looks really nice with those wheels. Is it a stick, or an automatic?

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45 your comment is purely due to jealousy. I feel bad for you. Dodge trucks rule.

So sorry that your mother was an inbred.

says the guy with a million dollar sportscar as his pic..

Why do people think that when someone is hating on something it is because they are jealous. That is stupid

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Second.. Damn. But first comment was ******* dumb.

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I think he managed to think before speaking (or in this case, "bellowing"). The only problem was that OP was accusing the neighbor without really taking any action to check and see whose dog was really barking, especially if OP himself owns a dog. Sorry, OP, YDI.

18 you're contradicting yourself. You said he did think before he spoke, then you said he didn't..

18- seriously u should have not wasted time with this comment..

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#44 - You're right, I did contradict myself. Whoops! Thank you, though. #106 - Let me fix your sentence for you. Okay? "Seriously*,* you* should have not wasted time with your* comment.*" Learn proper English punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and use the proper word(s) when directing a comment/statement/question/etc. toward someone. Okay? Thank you.

OP is a dumbass for not checking his dog first. And why would he yell at the neighbor for half an hour?

#122, the dog was bellowing for half an hour.

I would say you're dumbass, but since everyone else would, I'll just say this was quite amusing.

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Not the most intelligent moment in this individual's life.

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If so that would be extremely depressing for OP. He would have to talk to his therapist. Or his microwave, not sure he'd be able to see the difference

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Let's hope i this was the most intelligent moment in the OP's let they don't let them breed. ;)

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Op's dog " HA HA And he thinks I'm the idiot"

Everyone is entitled to be stupid OP, but you are abusing the provilege. YDI

Such a perfect comment I'll even ignore the spelling mistake :)

How could you not recognize your dog's bark?