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  evan_789  |  7

Can't you tell your dogs bark from anothers? We have three dogs, two of which are the same breed, but all seem to have different barks.

Oh, and btw, nice truck number 1. I don't normally like dodges, but it looks really nice with those wheels. Is it a stick, or an automatic?


I think he managed to think before speaking (or in this case, "bellowing"). The only problem was that OP was accusing the neighbor without really taking any action to check and see whose dog was really barking, especially if OP himself owns a dog. Sorry, OP, YDI.


#44 - You're right, I did contradict myself. Whoops! Thank you, though.

#106 - Let me fix your sentence for you. Okay? "Seriously*,* you* should have not wasted time with your* comment.*" Learn proper English punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and use the proper word(s) when directing a comment/statement/question/etc. toward someone. Okay? Thank you.