By sassman - United States
Today, I was in class. I am an older student going back for my PhD. I was kicked out of class for "sassing" my instructor for telling him he was wrong about what took place at an event I was actually present at. My instructor is a 22 year old TA. FML
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  MagicMeds  |  0

If he's right and the teacher doesn't know his/her own subject (the subject they're doing a lesson on! not even one that came up as a question) then he can be sassy if he wants imo.

  Kukironosuke  |  16

@#27 nothing gives anybody the right to be sassy, its just highly rude, the op does have the right to oppose/correct the teacher, but never sass, doesnt matter what mental level/age/correctness/authority a person has, nobody has the right to be rude to another, even if those in power love to do it, its still wrong, all people should treat eachother civilly even in the face of outstanding ignorance

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

He probably didn't sass the TA.
The TA is 22 years old and probably a whiny a-hole that didn't wanna admit to being wrong like msot kids these days.
Kids these days need to learn about the belt!

I'm 19, btw, so I'm obviously joking. Mostly. We are quite whiny and self-righteous.

  Bathory_fml  |  0

But you're right. If the TA was wrong, he was wrong. Telling him he's wrong isn't being rude. What would be rude is letting him continue being wrong.

What is wrong with someone that they get upset when they're corrected?

  KaySL  |  24

Back in MY day, we just forced them to engage in a discussion with The_Pleb on the philosophical merits of sammich-making by gender. It seemed to sort the problem out pretty quickly. Lots of suicides though...

  KaySL  |  24

Fuck no. But then, they are students, so I don't really give a shit, I'll just arrange their corpses so it looks like they were jacking off whilst strangling themselves at the time. That's right... there's actually no such thing as autoerotic asphxiation; it's just one of my 'cover-up-the-murder' ploys :D


gimme a J! O! K! E!

Kay is a funny (not to mention intelligent) person. I'm sure she believes in autoerotic asphyxia, and understands that it does in fact exist. Shut up and learn something about humour before putting your fingers to the keys.
kthxbai. :)

  blinnk57  |  0

Not always true (on the "kissing ass" count)... for example, a lot of TA's are grad students who would rather spend time doing their own work instead of another professor's bidding, but are in that position against their will because the program requires some TA-ing. I'm one of those people.

As for not knowing shit, well... that's true a good amount of the time.

  celticwoman04  |  0

My husband was a TA because the grad program required it. He was also the best damn TA in the department with a GPA of 3.98 on a 4 point scale. He ended up changing how some things are done at his school.


Not true - I'm a Ph.D. student and HAVE to be a TA to get my paycheck.... so, it's not ass-kissing, it's exactly the opposite... people who get lucky are on fellowships and don't have to waste their time with TA-ing.

By  BigSky182  |  0

I was kicked out of a class in New Jersey for telling the Teacher that the capital of Montana (where I was born and raised) was pronounced "Hell - en - uh" and not "Huh -Lee - Na".