By storyofmylife - 10/06/2015 02:44 - Canada - Truro

Today, my boyfriend and I were hanging out when he suddenly said, "Do you know who I think is the most beautiful girl in the world?" I prepared myself for a cute compliment, until he showed me a picture of another girl. FML
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Wow, do you know who we think the biggest douche in the world is currently? That guy.


I hope he was joking cause no one would say that to their girlfriends face unless he's hinting he wants to break up

Steve97 32

This is fml lots of dummies in relationships here :p

Joking or not that's a dick move. It's one thing to appreciate another woman , but for god sakes, do it respectfully, or at bare minimum quietly .

my ex sent me a picture of this youtuber while we were dating and said she was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen

At least he is honest, still weird to say that out of the blue. Anyway, looks aren't everything. If he still loves you, it shouldn't matter that much.

wantmeasandwich 26

If looks aren't everything then why is he saying that to her?

Wow, do you know who we think the biggest douche in the world is currently? That guy.

camilax3 15

Do the same thing to him. Lets see how that makes him feel.

I'm guessing he'd be alright with it. Most guys don't assume to be the best looking person to their boyfriend or girlfriend

Thaaaaat's totally not immature or anything, and will absolutely solve the problem. Props.

CyberSeeker 20

he must have been trying to trick you

Not sure why you're getting down voted, I thought the same. It seems like he was setting up OP to think it was her, only to make her feel bad by showing someone else. Sounds like a prick.

......And he still chose you! still a shitty thing to say to a significant other tho.

Thats absolutely terrible. Im so sorry OP, even as a joke, thats not cool to say. That kind of thing never leaves a girls head.

I'm curious if guys who say these things just never want to get laid again or...?