By Anonymous - 18/01/2021 23:01

Today, I caught up with a good friend and he let me rant about my sexless marriage. He was really understanding and supportive. I got home and he sent me 5 pictures of his wife in a small bikini, saying, “Guess who doesn’t have your problems?” FML
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a sexless marriage is a bad sign it won't last.


Let his wife know he's sharing her intimate photos. Then he will have your problems!

tounces7 27

yeah no, that would be a massive asshole move.

so is sending private pictures of a person without them knowing.

Know what's really a massive asshole move? Sharing intimate pictures that were entrusted to you by your spouse, to a friend. She deserves to know how loose her husband is with her images.

a sexless marriage is a bad sign it won't last.

FrenchFried 8

For sure send them to his wife and tell her what he did... show her the entire thing. She will make sure he has a problem now too

I'd say that the only difference between the two men are that the "good" friend has jerk-off material, but he doesn't want the OP to know what a loser he is.