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Today, I went to college, where I'm studying for my dream job. Despite getting up at 5am to catch the earliest bus into town, I arrived ten minutes late. My professor knows my circumstances, but is still threatening to kick me off the course if I don't "arrive on time like everyone else." FML
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strawberrywine22 30

I know it sucks, but if he makes an exception for you he'll have to make one for everyone else. Maybe you could carpool with a classmate?


I agree, however most colleges offer the same course multiple times so you could probably find a time that works for you.

I agree, I know how it is to catch a bus everywhere , and unfortunately your running on the bus systems time and not yours. I would commit to finding a class that suits your schedule because I know first hand that it can be very stressful trying to make it on time , and cutting it real close. This should be exciting since your studying for your dream job ! Don't stress yourself out

There are professions that require odd hours. Adjust your routine accordingly. If it's for your dream job, getting up at 5 is not a major sacrifice imo.

knoxxx 22

I agree. I have had professors who lock the door once the lecture starts. I've had professors who have had attendance policies that say if you miss class unexcused even one time, you fail. It might seem harsh, but that's reality of university. If you knew you were going to be late every day because of transportation, you shouldn't have registered for the class.

I have to say I'm pretty shocked at all the comments suggesting this is a common rule in most colleges (American colleges I presume). It seems unnecessarily strict to me. In Australia the fact that lecturers don't care if you arrive 5 minutes before the lectures over is the difference between university and highschool. It's why so many students flunk their first year - the lecturers never get on your back and threaten to fail you for anything. Whether or not you fail is up to whether or not you put in the work and get high marks on your assignments and exams. Only tutorials (small classes that discuss the content of the lectures) take attendance, and even then teachers say you can arrive up to half an hour late before they mark you absent - it's more about how much you contribute to the class that matters, just being there and daydreaming doesn't count. You can skip every single lecture here and still pass - although you'd obviously get a higher chance of passing if you attended, but again it's your money and it's up to you if you want to use the college's services to better your chances. For some reason I expected America - 'THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY!!' - to be even MORE lenient. Derp.

All colleges are different, there are more than a few colleges in America where the professors couldn't care less if you come to class or not.. they determine your passing or failing of the class based of the exams.

kaybee41906 13

SneezyBear, that's how my college is. They're all different. It also depends on what major you're in though; for someone like me, whose courses are mostly large lectures with over 100 people, the professor won't even know if you aren't there, but someone in small humanities classes may have a stricter attendance policy.

Schizomaniac 24

Not only that, but every professor has their own policy in most universities. I've had professors who were sticklers for attendance, and those who never even knew my name. It really just depends.

I have had professors that make part of your grade based on attendance, although I'm pretty sure they aren't allowed to do that. Some professors will make exceptions for you if you talk to them about having to take the bus. Some professors are just really strict and won't allow it. I think it depends on what kind of professor you have.

I'm a highschool student and I'm a student at a university here also I misses the final exam for a class as well as several classes unexcused mainly I couldn't get there that day and time and I passed the class because my professor drove to my school handed my exam to my counselor and asked me to take it in her presence then send it to his office. some teachers are lenient as was this one

Life is like that bosses at most jobs would do the same only it would be firing

I think that guy needs to chill the **** out. Heck, I haven't even established momentum in my lecture during the first 10 minutes, so I don't even care. Now, if OP is causing a disturbance when he enters, that's a different story.

Tell our professor that it takes long to get to school even on the early bus. Maybe if you have a car drive it. If not, try to save up for one.

K410 18

That doesn't cut it if you said that to your boss in an important job don't expect any sympathy

Yes but you're not paying your boss to go to work. You're paying the university to go take classes there. At a job you have several other people counting on you to be there on time. In a class the only time your classmates need you to be on time is when you have a group project.

Adding to 2's comment: If OP can't afford a car, why not make friends in that class and offer to pay for the gas if one of them picks you up? You'd both be on time, you won't spend money on a bus, and won't have to get up at 5 am (hopefully!). If there's a will, there's a way.

Maybe talk to the Dean and work something out?

Why do everyone think that talking to the dean will fix their problems? Most schools will send you to their counsellors and almost all of them will you that they can't do anything.

miasaur 11

i agree, at my school the counselors don't help you at all.

I'd say just THREATEN your professor with going to the dean. They usually give in when you do that (I did it many times). I learned that trick when I attended a university where my dad WAS the dean.

knoxxx 22

Maybe you should invest in a car. That way you can leave earlier.

Easier said than done. Tuition is not cheap. Besides, paying $30 a month for a UPass is much cheaper than paying potentially thousands of extra dollars just to take a course.

And not to mention gas price. It seems like I'm pumping every other day now. It would probably be cheaper to get a place near the college.

miasaur 11

really? wow I bet OP never thought of that.

Depends on OPs situation. I know someone who got a scholarship taken away because she needed a job to pay for her car.

Usually a Upass is a compulsory fee, so you only have to pay for it if you need to replace it.

strawberrywine22 30

I know it sucks, but if he makes an exception for you he'll have to make one for everyone else. Maybe you could carpool with a classmate?

The_Big_Boss 20

**** him. Surely there are other professors that teach the same shit.. Take one of them. Or plan your schedule out better..

"Other professors that teach the same shit" Sounds like a highly educated, intelligent response to me.

jw90 18

Consider getting a car or carpooling. Maybe even a bike and just leave earlier in the morning. Gotta make some sacrifices.

It also depends on where they live. I live half an hour away from my college. I couldn't bike there. I make sacrifices and make sure I'm at school an hour early just in case my bus is late.

maronofhearts 19

It depends on how much you're willing to sacrifice I biked to and from my first job for a year before affording a car it was about an hour each way and a labor job

Take it up to the Department Dean man. If that's the only transportation you have explain. Although I recommend investing in a car as it was mentioned before.

You should and get a different professor. He's obviously an asshole.

He's not being an asshole, he's just doing what is part of his job, enforcing the rules and expectations of a student! OP's situation sucks, yes. But the prof is only doing what he's supposed to be doing

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assassinbanana0 20

How is it unfair? He is in college. It's not the professor's fault he doesn't have a car or any other transportation. The professor doesn't have to make favors for OP, Because that wouldn't be fair to the other students who struggle also

maronofhearts 19

It's ops job to get to class on time that's part of what being an adult is its called responsibility The professor doesn't have to accommodate the student you signed up for that class it's your problem to get there on time