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Today, I went to Hooters for lunch. My food was brought to me by a man. FML
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I've never seen a guy waiter at Hooters. =P

Good thing you were going there for the food. Right?

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Complain to the manager unless u sat at the bar...sometimes theres a male bartender...

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either ask for a refund or sue. unless he had "hooters" too, then i guess he was in the right place.

60, did you just suggest OP sue the franchise? Yeah, okay, just clarifying.

60, why do you have to be American, why? The USA's going down the shitter because of people like you. Way to make Americans look stupid yet again.

the server obviously pulled a Dale Gribble and threatened to sue the Hooters franchise for discrimination if he wasn't hired.

I didn't even think they hired male waiters....

I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

100- It's a bar/grill where the waiters are usually women with big*notfakewhywouldyouthinkthat?!?* boobs. Thus the name Hooters.

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Hooters is a resturaunt where women with large "hooters" , or breasts, serve food. They all wear skimpy, revealing, clothing. Only females should work there. I thought only females could anyway..

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Seriously??!! Sue. Just stop talking.

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He had to if he worked at hooters

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The only rack he had was a rack of ribs. Or at least I would hope.

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Hey I bet he had a nice set of moobs... Sexy!

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What? I thought guys just go there for the wings

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u sure he didnt turn u on???

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He was in short shorts and those ugly black work shoes and a cut off top looking the rest of the ****** up in there.

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Perdix-You are tied with DocBastard and ShroomsOnAcid as my two top faves!

Nice one perdix! I'm sure he did, if not he'd be working the counter and not taking orders. At the OP: make sure to tip your waitresses!

Wow. Someone managed to post a similar comment at the exact same time. 19:05 Mind blown.

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I bet you'd shit your pants once you saw a microwave...

Why, because he went to Hooters? Alot of men go to Hooters espically married men! So Shut up

They were suggesting that he was forever alone because even at hooters, he can't get a girl. I thought it was funny. lol

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Either you posted in the wrong topic or you are an idiot

nice to know how big your mouth is :)

Maybe you accidentally went into a hooters for gay people?

Where is this hooters for gay people that you speak of?

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187- I really don't like you. You don't seem like you have "high standards" you seem like a jealous bitch. You don't like places like that because you could never work there. If you actually did your research then you would know that Hooters hires mostly college students and that they also give "tuition bonus" to help pay for school. Hooters also gives out scholarships to help college students everywhere. Hooters isn't about disrespecting women.

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thank you 193. i work at hooters. the cooks bring out the food sometimes, stop ya trippin'.

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Hooters got sued for being sexist.

It was sued by a man not a feminist. Loser! Besides most women don't care if you go to Hooters! It's radical religious freaks that are bothered! They have mighty tasty wings regardless! Ha

And no I'm not gay but I enjoy looking at both hot men and women, so yes I've eaten there.

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34 men don't care if women go to Hooters?

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But they do care if women are the only ones working there.

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34, if my husband ever went there he'd get smacked stupid. There are better wings at a LOT of places, and you don't disrespect your wife!

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It is possible for a man to be a feminist.

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Just because they go there don't mean they are going to **** everyone they see.

You would smack your husband for going to hooters? The girls aren't naked for gods sake! People wear a lot less at the beach. Seems like you have a confidence problem. He's married to you, loves you, and is taking you to bed tonight. you never checked out another man during your entire relationship? That's bs. And those women need to pay their bills and take care of their families, no one is disrespecting them but you. They wear booty shorts and serve food, not give out a free bj with an order of wings.

Hmm I thought that was just an episode of King of the Hill. Didn't know they were actually sued.

"It was sued by a man not a feminist" *facepalm* A feminist (in theory) is somebody who believes in equal rights for men and women. Therefore a man can be a feminist, and there are many of them.

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Yes men can be feminists. It's not like the men's rights group. Being a feminist is oddly more like being an 'equalist' it's not just women's rights but men's rights (paternity leave and stuff), disability rights, minoritiy rights, religious freedom rights, LGBT/QA rights...tons of stuff. As I said it's more of being an "equalist" wanting equality for all

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We have what society would now consider unbelievably high standards for each other. No we don't check other people out. We'll notice an attractive person with a passing glance and then move on. Going to Hooters is blatantly staring at asses and **** everywhere you turn. To us it's disgusting but we have much different morals and higher standards than society does today. And I don't have respect for the women working there. Sure they have to take care of their families, but how many of them have those families from throwing their bodies at men and having an oops? And all the one's that don't are needing attention from men left and right. I know the job market sucks but you can get a job doing something else if you really need a job and will do what it takes. Walking around like a bimbo is not really in that category. But that's just what this world has come to. It's expected for women to act like sex objects 24/7.

You are deluding yourself. You and your husband notice when somebody is attractive. You may not openly stare, but it's human nature to notice. I'm guessing that you've never even worked in a restaurant. You act nice to the customers so they'll like you and tip you. It is no different at hooters. Judge and ye shall be judged. Right? These "oops" moments you're worried about are in your head. Besides the fact that they'd lose their jobs if they dated a customer. Go and see for yourself. You'll see your husband gets treated no differently from the server than he does at Ruby Tuesday's.

she didn't deny that her and her husband notice attractive people. she said they notice with a passing glance. meaning they don't sit there and ogle. at hooters though, it is quite impossible to notice respectfully with a passing glance seeing as you are going to a restaurant that is known for females serving in low cut shirts and booty shorts. I would not be too thrilled with my boyfriend going to eat there. call it what you want to call it... but I am not comfortable with flirty girls being serving him just so they can support their families. they can work at a normal restaurant if they need to get paid so bad. and my boyfriend can also go to a normal restaurant if he wants wings so bad. okay, I'm ready for the thumb downs and the insecurity remarks.

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Like I said, we notice, we don't ogle. So no woman (if you can even call her that) working at Hooters has a child or children because she got knocked up for throwing herself at some guy? That's all in my head? I find it a little hard to believe that all the women at Hooters are happily married women who had their kids after they got married. Most of the ones with families either slept around or were stupid with a boyfriend. If they didn't act like bimbos in the first place, they wouldn't be in that situation. And while the server at any other restaurant might not treat my husband any differently, they're not dressed like ***** there.

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We're programmed to reproduce, we're programmed to notice. If someone can make a few bucks off of it, they're going too. Besides, it's better to work at Hooters to get through college than to be on the pole. Women have been sex objects for a long time, men can be sex objects too. Get over it.

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210- I was kind of on your side for a while when you said you would not let your husband go to hooters but seriously? How immature and insecure are you that you have to bash the girls that work there? Talk about generalizing. Everything you said was mean and uncalled for. MOST of them are not "bimbos". MOST of them havent gotten "knocked up" (probably why their bodies look so good. And yes you should definitely call them women because their not afraid to take a job (that pays pretty well I might add) to take care of themselves during this economy. You are pompous and arrogant and rude. You should think twice before you tell people that you and your husband have "high standards for each other". Your relationship is your relationship and should not be compared to others with "low standards". I bet I can walk into a hooters right now and easily find a woman with more class than you.

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If I were you I would have complained and sent it back, keep doing this until a hot chick with a C cup or above brings it out. Do not settle for less than a C cup.

Damn B cups of mine would have not be acceptable!!! ;)

Wow my small boobies are getting negative ratings!!! That's pretty funny!! :) I'm an athlete lol I can't help it!! what about the guys that like a nice handful? Is that a myth? time for some fake ones I guess! Lol

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No need for fakes, you just need to find a man with smaller hands.

Don't worry, small always have better shape!

Not from where I'm sitting. Or was that to creepy >

55-They aren't small…they're FUN SIZE!!!

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