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Today, my parents hassled me for wanting to get my tongue pierced, saying it was filthy, unprofessional, and degrading. About an hour later, my sister let slip that my nipple is pierced. FML
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At least she didn't tell them about your ******** piercing.

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haha "surprise! your nipple is pierced"


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wow you deserve it... first:)

I agree with your parents.. you know what Chris Rock says about girls with tongue piercings.. and guys as well.. plus it is very unprofessional.. ydi

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That's what I said, but I put first at the bottom of the comment and it got deleted.

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good the "first" comments are annoying, thanks mods

That's 'cause you can't say, "First," you dolt.

so it was a nipple slip? GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO

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i kinda realy hate the moderation people

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Honestly, past a certain age they should be removed but piercings can be taken out and not be noticed (unless you stretch them out on purpose) so better that than a permanent tattoo. Not that I particularly have anything against tattoos but at least one is easily reversible-ish.

freak. jk but seriously op why? lil pathetic.

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She didn't say she wanted her lip pierced...

or beat her ass with a belt. no bruises no evidence

#119 well if they were either very against it or they were already having problems with the OP, this could push them over the edge, and they could kick her out of the house. You never know, so don't assume.

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i realize tis is an old post, but i'm guessing you parents would call me filthy, unprofessional, and degradring?

Here in Sweden the parents can't do anything after the kid is pierced, but if the kid is a minor it's gonna need its parents' consent because otherwise the piercer won't pierce it

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i just noticed what it meant sorry for wasting your time guys

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haha "surprise! your nipple is pierced"

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Are you retarded? I think you need to look up the meaning of "let it slip"... *facepalm* Also, wtf is with this getting more YDIs than FMLs? O_o

i'm not retarded and i was using the correct meaning of "let slip" it just so happened to be that it was in the wrong context :P

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The op knows his(…or her) nipple is peirced, not the parents…

Ouch your sister is going to pay for that later!!

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At least she didn't tell them about your ******** piercing.

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I agree with 67! For a long while even clothing was too much stimulation... 10, I've got both done and it increased sensitivity ten fold for about eight years now. Don't knock it til you've tried it! Hurts like a ****** to get them done though...

How about not throwing out made up facts? If its done right it increases pleasure..but nice try.

There's no loss of feeling what so ever it heightens it by quite a bit actually same with the other sexual piercings. I've had my nips done for 4 years now and the pleasure gets better and better

The thing is with a tongue piercing you can only take it out for an hour or so or it closes up cause the tongue heals quickly

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if you lick your wenis you become a fairy

If you travel to the top of Mount Everest and sacrifice a goat, you will gain the powers of a god. And the ability to turn two tickets for that thing you like into diamonds.

After you've had one in there for a while, it won't close up right away. I leave mine out during the work week and put it back in at weekends with no problem.

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Unless you're some sort of giant, mutated amoeba with starfish-like powers, I doubt a large hole through any part of your body would heal in "an hour or so." Perhaps Doc will contradict me, but I doubt it.

@boopityboppity Nostril piercings close up very quickly. You have to be fast when you change the jewelry. I've had mine pierced for four years now, but it still gives me problems. I can, however, leave out the jewelry in my lip for a day and I can still get the jewelry in no problem. I've had that one almost as long as the nostril piercing. It just depends on where on the body the piercing is located.

Yeah, I Googled the issue before typing the comment, zenti, but I wanted to use my amoeba comparison. I was counting on nobody contradicting me (hence the subtle hint to Doc).

Okay then, I will return to the shadows. Carry on.

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You are definitely able to keep it out for longer than a hour. It can be kept out for a duration of time...

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I've had mine for 6 yrs and I can take it out for a week with out it closing.

83 you're an idiot yes your tongue will eventually heal and I had my nipples pierced when I was seventeen I am now 21 and guess what they are healed. Before you comment about something make sure you know what you're talking about. And 78 is correct so far I've been able to have my tongue ring out for two weeks with no issue putting it back in I've had it pierced for almost three years.

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I got my tongue, labret and nipples done and don't see any harm in it. People can think of you how they want.

if a girl has a pierced tongue, then most people think that she's a *****.

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So what? What you think about yourself should matter more than what others think(minus your parents, when you're under age). It was once thought that only prostitutes wore ankle bracelets and only gay men wore earrings. The world is changing. I don't have any tattoos or piercings but I do not judge anyone that does. (:

yeah, now it's just gay men and pirates

46, I love ******. And vaginas. And goats.

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46- False. Maybe you do, but MOST people see it as just another piercing..