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Today, I was threatened with suspension from school because of my nose piercing. I had to explain that it's actually a pimple. FML
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I'm assuming you go to private school.

Suspended for a nose peircing that doesn't have a ring in it? Strict much?


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I'm assuming you go to private school.

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Yes because we need that shit for one pimple. OP said pimple, not acne.

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Not to sound shallow, but what if it's a beauty school?

There was a kid named Pierce in my school, but he got expelled.

Hopefully it's not what's shown as profile pic bc nobody would want to see that!

Private schools are so gay. Any parent willing to spend money on something they can get for free are idiots. In my experience, the kids in private schools are far worse than the ones in public schools. They do more drugs, are more slutty, and are stuck up **** ups.

You guys are wrong. Private school > public school. Our school is much more advanced than a public school and has access to better tools. Our school is far superior to most/any public school in this country.

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#66: I really don't know much about private schooling little cousin goes to a private school and if you see her lunch menu compared to my school's..well WOW! I guess that's one bonus

Screw you! Not all schools are the same. That's like saying all music sounds good. Some music sucks- like songs by Justin beiber. other music is awesome like jazz and rock and indie.

if a nose piercing was all you needed to get suspended from school...i would be expelled from all the piercings i have :)

81 - how many girls do you think get a nose ring because they want one to be unique? Talk about being shallow, they do it to 'look cool.' And personally I share his sentiment. Not a fan of piercings. (except for belly button

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@58 at my private school the guys have nipple piercings and will walk around shirtless on hot days...

66 - Private schools are private schools, no matter how dumb you think they are. Meaning, you're still more likely to get a better education, or at least more attention from teachers in your classes, you have some advantage when it comes to applying for colleges. It's not necessarily coming from a private school that makes you slutty or stuck up. Plenty of students in public school do drugs too. Sounds like you're just ignorant and have failed to look at both sides of the argument.

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Christian private schools are amazing at soccer.. They beat us in state every year

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Yes 66 i am quite certainly agree on the homosexuality of private schools, I mean really, Private schools! (that was a sarcastic remark upon the use of the word "gay"

What if some people think jazz, rock, and indie music sucks? Thats a stupid ******* argument...

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Hahaha! 66, They have access to better tools!

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When I was in high school (a public one) we could have any piercings we wanted. I had and still have quite a few piercings, none on my face though. But, I knew tons of people who had facial piercings.

I go to a public school and we are not aloud nose piercings

I went to private school and although your comment does not apply to me (I'm a guy btw), I completely agree! Thank god I was lucky enough to go to public (free) college (16-18 I'm in England!) best two years of my life!

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85, No doubt there are those who only get piercings to look cool, but that can be said about anything. However, that of course does not mean that every person who has a piercing is just trying to impress others. It may not be your thing, but your statement is pretty damn ignorant.

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just clearing all this shit up. I am in Australia at a PUBLIC high school and we have any piercings we want.

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You know that schools in Australia and the US/UK/Canada are very different. I have never heard of a normal public school or private school that don't wear uniforms. Pretty much every school in Australia you have to wear uniforms. Except if you're in a special school or country school. And you are allowed to wear nose piercings but it must be clear. But some schools don't care as much. But I go to a public school and you can get suspended from any piercing that is visible other then the ears and if you do not take them out it can lead to expulsion. But private schools and public schools are pretty much the same. Private schools tend to be more stricter and have better resources. But it is part of the same curriculum as public. And most of the private schools in Australia have some sort of religion associated with it. In Australia nobody really judges what school you go to, only you.

132 - well the thing is I know maybe 10 people with a nose piercing, and all of them are posers. Now I'm not saying it's like this everywhere, that's impossible (someone had to START the trend) but at this point it's just unlikely.

Wow 94... And I'm sure they'll have a problem with this if the girls started doing that too -_- the inequality these days!

105- It seems like you can't read properly since you overlooked the fact that I wrote, "based on my experience."

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@58: It sounds like your school just sucks. My cousin goes to an all-male Christian private school and the dress code is basically wear some kind of a shirt, pants, and shoes, and you're good.

In Australia private schools (grammar schools) kids are actually require to wear uniforms. Neat, literally uniform uniforms. And their hair has to be up or short for girls and short only for boys.

Amongst other anal details like no noticeable piercings. Actually Australia as a whole is a lot more strict on those sorts of thing than you would think. Even public schools.

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In almost every public school in Aus you have to wear a uniform (normally a polo shirt) and depending on the school they can be strict on piercings, that said I was school captain and had facial piercings, as did the vice captain. Private school uniforms are suits and ties or a tunic. Whether you're private or public doesn't really matter, I've met deadshits and intelligent, driven people from both private and public.

There was a kid named Pierce in my school too. Everyone hated him. Then he got suspended a lot. THE END

Right?!?! I have four on my face plus my tongue an three in each ear - I would've been expelled too haha

A lot of public schools in Australia don't allow facial piercings, it's ridiculous, at my school, people get detention for wearing any other colour but white socks.

Suspended for a nose peircing that doesn't have a ring in it? Strict much?

Who said there's no ring? It could be one monster pimple.

47- That was a prime example of perfect timing AND placement for a pun. I tip my hat off to you.

I once got the cops called on me because a mom "thought" I was making fun of her son

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We wear the classic catholic private school uniforms and can only wear one type of shoe. You dont know the meaning of strict....

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Some people bedazzle their pimples.

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I go to a private Christian school, and we have uniforms and all... I have two facial piercings, and it seems so pointless that I have to take them out to sit in a classroom for a few hours. :/

A pimple and acne are two different things.

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Actually, acne and pimples are pretty much the same... Acne can be various types; whiteheads, pustules, cysts, pimples, etc. So they are technically the same.

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I see what you both are saying. a pimple is a form of acne but it's a single blemish. usually, acne is spread across an area and is with a group of other blemishes. so if you had one or two pimples, you wouldn't say you had acne. and if you had acne, you wouldn't say you had a pimple you know what I mean?

I hope the girl on bottom in your profile pic is alright

No, 44. She broke her spinal cord and neck. She is now paralyzed for life. FHL indeed. (/sarcasm)

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You almost got suspended for a nose piercing. People in my school walk around with things far worse than that.

now you have an opprotunity to get a real nose piercing!

And that's an opportunity to get suspended -_-

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Damn that totally sucks. That's a slap in the face right there or a kick in the ballz what ever you prefer.

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I'd chose the slapping of the face

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Suspended for a nose ring? Yeah, you could totally take that out and stab somebody with it.

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Schools have the dumbest rules nowadays.

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I got suspended once coz I Bladdered some kid when we were playing footy bcoz he was a wanker and didn't know how to play. School rules pssssssshhhhhhhhh they're complete bollocks

Schools have dumb rules because of all of the dumb kids in them. But this particular rule I don't really get.


8- Well.. If there's enough hate behind it, you never know.

Uniform rules are usually to 1. Make kids not worry about what they're gonna wear and who they want to impress And 2. Look conservative and represent the school 'nicely'.

Almost happened to my friend in MS. She was constantly sent to the dean or principle by the same lady for her nose ring but she was allowed to wear it for religious purposes

got to love school rules, when you're a teacher and can wear almost anything -.- my school uniform rules, no makeup, peircings,jewelary,fake tan, jeans, light coloured trousers, non black shoes and trainers, hoodies, jackets, hats, black shirts and lastly any variations in colour in the things we have to wear student have to wear official school jumper with brown trousers or same trousers with white shirt and school official tie teachers wear what they want :/

... i also go to public non-religious school

that's embarrassing... if you're gonna get suspended atleast make it for a good reason & do something you've always wanted too.

Aww, fyl for the strict school. Almost half the ppl at my school have snake bites.

it would get me suspended -.- too many people annoy me so itd be easy for me to get in trouble

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Used to, wanna borrow the outfit?

Nah, don't wanna ruin the hot Catholic schoolgirl outfit for everyone else. :p

that's embarrassing... if you're gonna get suspended atleast have some fun and go wild. cuss a teacher out, punch the dean, maybe even poop on the floor....and it was right on the kisser