By Disappointment - 26/05/2017 19:00 - United States - Gresham

Today, I flew home to visit my parents. We haven't seen each other in two years, I've gotten a few tattoos done since, and I knew they wouldn't approve, so I bought whole new outfits that covered everything and looked professional. When I got there, the first thing my mom says to me is, "Is that a nose ring!?" FML
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Patsy Boren 19

Smooth.. But at least you tried


timonedogdead 16

At least maybe now by comparison the tattoos might not seem so bad to her? That's kind of a lose-win situation but hey, it's better then a lose-lose situation.

Patsy Boren 19

Smooth.. But at least you tried

So close, but no cigar. What's even worse is that the thing you forgot was completely removable. FYL OP

Meh, oh well. It's your life and you are their child.. Either they accept you for you because body mods are just an addition to you, or they don't. Nothing lost if they don't....your happiness matters more than judgement

I really wish I had money for elfing, dermal punch and split tongue.

mariri9206 32

You should just tell them. They might disapprove but, at least, you're being honest with them. And they'll still love you and, eventually, they'll get over it. And, if they don't still love you because you got tattoos, then maybe you're better off without them?

so you'll hide you tattoos every time you see your parents? don't cover up who you are OP

nellyphant 18

I hid my tattoo for a year my parents only found out because I was in hospital and they saw it! It's the only reason my mum didn't kill me!