By Anonymous - 20/10/2010 03:05 - United States

Today, I got my lip pierced. By the orthodontist. FML
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Least it wasn't your gynecologist and your other set of lips. 0_0*

Well, it saves you the £10 or $10 or whatever people pay for piercings? :)


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Sweet and *throws on a screamo voice* paaaainfulllll!

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maybe it will take thier eyes of the braces

Well, it saves you the £10 or $10 or whatever people pay for piercings? :)

ya. I prefer to have it done by a professional who is competent at what they are doing as opposed to having them pierce it crooked. and ******* it up

you can pay 70$ for it, or you can bootleg it and risk hitting a nerve and having a muscle spasm in your face forever.. I mean, its your choice :)

my point exactly, I'd rather not look like a stroke victim.

lol over here u only pay $30 for a pro job :)

meh, I make enough that 70$ doesn't really phase me. also it's not like I'm getting a labret piercing every week. but 30$ for a professional job would have been nice I suppose.

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$70? You're getting played...$30 is the average..

lol mine was done by a professional and it only cost me $20

I've gotten multiple piercings professionally done and my lip only cost $20. Tongue cost the same also.

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I went to a tattoo shop and got my lip done for $10. Ya'll are getting ripped off

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I hope that's covered by your insurance. If not, YDI for being an emo bitch. You brainless mutant.

Hey Knibbsy, I don't have a list of smart people, and I didn't think your commet was thought out (more like ignorant.). I think you're between a rock and a hard place here?

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suppressed, with all due respect, WTF are you talking about?

knibbsy's about me says he's smart, but his comment here makes suppressed (and I) confused.

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If I need to explain, the sarcastic message of my comment has gone over your head, and any explanation would ruin it. You'll get 'em next time, tiger!

It probably wasn't sarcastic - far too many people are spiteful about things like that.

knibbsy 4

It was, to an extent. The majority of "scene" and "emo" kids have their lips pierced. Any teenager/young adult that gets their lip pierced to add to their scene image is, in fact, a brainless mutant. Hipsters have told me that they have had their lip pierced for that exact same reason, so my statement can be validated.

but I don't think the OP meant for it to get pierced. must've been an accident.

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His comment was sarcastic. What are you not getting? He's not saying OP is a brainless mutant seriously. He's saying people that pierce their lips are brainless mutants. Since OP now has a lip piercing, (s)he is a brainless mutant (in a sarcastic sense) I hope I've helped you all.

knibbsy 4

I'm an angry person, so I still think OP is a brainless mutant regardless of whether or not it was accidental. Probably morbidly obese too. Ugh, you disgust me, OP.

So Bros are automatically emo because of snakebites?

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Bros or hoes. You ever cop dome from a ho with a snakebite? It's like humping a dinette set that's been home to rotting vegetables that sit in the sun.

I have my lip peirced and in no way am I emo. sir I say **** you.

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to add to knibbsys comment...not everyone who pierces their lip is emo. better?

**** sarcasm, they really need to add some form of sarcasm tag system. I think the correct term Knibbs is trying to use is peer pressure that pushes young kids to follow a specific trend. Saying that there is only an minority whom is classed as individuals but who like other trends, this doesn't exactly mean the OP is following a specific trend. Accidental piercing ftw.

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I think op was implying the dentist screwed up

Agreed. Hence why I said "Accidental piercing, ftw. "

Soldier- do you really think so? Gosh, that explains everything! My brain was hurting from all the thinking and trying to figure it out.

holy shit 25 u just made me get this whole fml, I didn't know why it's so bad to get ur lip peirced by the orthadontist, (considering alot of teenies do it themselves these days) but I only just got the fact that I was accidental. lol shaame xD

EVERYBODY, STFU. don't think so much! bye! |the kid|

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yet another example of why sarcasm does not transmit well in text.

... Orthodontists work inside your mouth on braces and the like. So it was obviously accidental or the OP has a retarded orthodontist.

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...I am not brainless, thank you.

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No, it's not called sarcasm. It's called stereotyping.. which, btw, is right up next to racism.

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Oh no! At least you should get free work done for the next forever. FYL and ouch :(

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What in the living **** did you just say?

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I think she means that the OP will never have to pay for the ortho again die to sueing of some type, I'm assuming

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due* no I'm not a grammar nazi that comment was kinda hard to understand since it said "die"

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sorry, I giggled at "living ****". I prefer the dead ones, myself. They tend not to run away screaming, either before or after.

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haha, nice. hey u wanted to be emo. there's step 1 :)

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Did you punch him/her in the face?

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Could have been worse, could have been your lip down there...

Sure it could have. That is, if you see an orthodontist for a pap smear.

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@68 - how can you tell from a fuzzy out-of-focus photo of breasts @69 - One stop shopping FTW.