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  OMJizz  |  0

My parents abandoned me at birth, allowing me drift from foster home to foster home until I was old enough to make a life for myself. it must be nice to have parents that care.

  boatkicker  |  4

@42 FML is not a "my life sucks more contest."
For one thing, I'm sure quite a few of us could beat you if we tried.
For another thing, the comment section would get dull pretty quickly because it would go "There are starving children in the world. Get over your petty problems."
And most importantly, eventually, it would turn FML into a really depressing site, because only things that were truly horrible would get posted.

  rave_noises  |  0

97 - They put those pictures up because it is the only way anyone will ever pay any attention to them. Daddy just never cared enough :'(

Also, they probably don't have boyfriends. If they did, they wouldn't feel the need to toss their sad old titties around on the interwebs.

By  zenti  |  2

I should feel bad, but this is just too hilarious. Relax, it's just a birthday card. It'll be in the trash in two days, whether or not it was originally intended for your sister.