By Anonymous - 04/12/2010 23:31 - Canada

Today, I got a birthday card from my parents. It was my sister's from earlier in the year. They scratched out her name and wrote mine underneath. FML
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Dammit. Your parents suck! Mine used White Out.

Well, you could always use a funeral condolences card, but instead of the deceased person, scribble it out and put your parents' names.


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Dammit. Your parents suck! Mine used White Out.

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jeez hand-me-downs sure get extreme

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Well they took not bieng the favorite to the next level!!!! At least the saved a tree? Sucks for you FYL

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lol mine did that on a Christmas bag... saves money lol

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My parents abandoned me at birth, allowing me drift from foster home to foster home until I was old enough to make a life for myself. it must be nice to have parents that care.

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@42 FML is not a "my life sucks more contest." For one thing, I'm sure quite a few of us could beat you if we tried. For another thing, the comment section would get dull pretty quickly because it would go "There are starving children in the world. Get over your petty problems." And most importantly, eventually, it would turn FML into a really depressing site, because only things that were truly horrible would get posted.

Agreed 46. Btw 46, ur a dirty *****. See? all fun and games

op - that also means ur parents favor ur sister. I had to point tht out

Well happy birthday op!(: Be glad they cared enough to remember(:

Hey, save the environment, one paper birthday card at a time, yaknow;)

You guys are douchebags and are pathetic for bashing on someone with a sob story. Maybe they have nobody else to tell?

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i never had parents. i was a test tube baby. do i win?

why are more random fml users putting **** as their pictures on here? pretty pathetic... cmon send those to your boyfriend lol

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wow that was perfect. I would of just called him a bitch.

97 - They put those pictures up because it is the only way anyone will ever pay any attention to them. Daddy just never cared enough :'( Also, they probably don't have boyfriends. If they did, they wouldn't feel the need to toss their sad old ******* around on the interwebs.

I wouldn't call what they did "caring."

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It's called recycling. Save the trees!

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it's the thought that counts??

Are your parents poor, stupid, or mean?? LOL JK OMG I'M A NUMBER 2 AKA A SHIT

Needy bitch. Some people get NOTHING for their me lol

wow you guys are mean, it's not like she asked for it. it look more like they forgot there birthday. which sucks

I should feel bad, but this is just too hilarious. Relax, it's just a birthday card. It'll be in the trash in two days, whether or not it was originally intended for your sister.

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last I checked you could spend 4 dollars OR MAKE A CARD. fyl