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Today, a few weeks after teaching my dog to fetch my phone and drop it in my lap, he decided to do it spontaneously. Too bad I was in the bath at the time. There goes a $300 phone. FML
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Then...why did you train a dog to pick up a $300 phone in his mouth full of sharp teeth in the first place? Surely that was an accident waiting to happen, bath or not.


It could be a service dog and the door may have been open for reasons pertaining to their disability. May also be the reason the op trained it to get the phone.

Look on the bright side: you never taught him to fetch a toaster.

Actually, it was good and she should feel good.

What's bad is how many times you've been thumbed down 17

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Actually, it was ok and she should feel ok.

No offense OP, but that wasn't that smartest thing to do. I wouldn't want my phone in a dog's mouth, even if it is cleaner than a human's.

Yeah, even more so 'cause it's actually not cleaner than a human's, that's a myth.

I still think OP is a genius for this, even if there was an accident

Humans have the dirtiest mouths... So technically dogs do have cleaner mouths

It's a theory that provides some evidence but not really. But dogs do have cleaner mouths than humans.

Then...why did you train a dog to pick up a $300 phone in his mouth full of sharp teeth in the first place? Surely that was an accident waiting to happen, bath or not.

Dogs can be really gentle with their mouths. There's a woman who comes into my work with motor neurones disease. She has a helper dog and he can take jump up and take her credit card out of the card reader. It's pretty awesome.

Those dogs have proper training. I agree they're super impressive and intelligent though. (:

I agree. Although I wouldn't say op deserves it, cause it's a $300 accident. I will say that as cool a trick as this is, I don't think trusting your dog with a $300 phone was a great idea. A lot of things could've gone wrong, he could've dropped it on the floor and broke it, he could've dropped it in water from a toilet, to his water bowl, to the bath, or even taken it outside or something. Very cool trick and I can see why you would train him to do that; but personally, I don't think I'd trust my dog with my expensive phone.

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Ehh I'd find it kind of helpful for those moments your phone is on silent and you forgot where the hell you put it. I'd love to have my pet help me look for it! Seems pretty ingenious to me, not as a trick, but as help. OP should get her dog to do it with keys, wallet, purse, etc...all the things that make me late because I can't find them when it's time to leave lol

Regardless, I think this is a ydi, but I can see the logic, any golden retriever can carry eggs in they're mouths without a scratch. I'm sure many dogs could perform a similar feat, like carrying a cell phone

Any dog could be taught this with enough patience. The problem is that OP hadnt trained the dog properly (or hadn't finished training the skill) and so the dog hadn't learned that it's only to do the skill when asked and not any other time. That takes training too.

Laziness never pays off. Smart dog, though.

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Tell that to the people who get paid to test video games. Or to food critics.

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Testing video games isn't necessarily laziness. Takes an insane amount of repitition over a large amount of time to reveal and debug a problem. Takes perseverence. There are many other jobs that could classify as lazier.

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#25- Game tester here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You have any idea how many times you have to play one level? Or worse, one part of a level? It's not easy and it's boring. When you beta test something, that's after it has gone though weeks and months of alpha testing. The 2 last to months of a big release can be hell. Kiss weekends goodbye. YDI.

Well you did teach him how to do lesson: when to do it.

Next lesson get a water proof case or phone

I'd be a bit worried about him scratching the screen, but at least he was trying to be helpful! Dogs are my favorite animal because of stuff like this, they genuinely want to please you, can be trained well, and are often very friendly and happy.

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Seriously OP, why teach him that? Hopefully you didn't scold him for it

That's what I thought when I read the FML. I hope OP didn't freak out on the dog.

Sucks that it happened but you deserve it for teaching your dog to do in instead of just getting it yourself.