By Anonymous - 17/05/2013 16:40 - Sweden - Storfors

Today, my brother tried to convince me to get a clitoris piercing at his recently opened piercing studio. FML
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rg350dx 29

"Come on sis! Just let me pierce your ******! I incest!"

Man I don't know why a brother would want to be anywhere near his sister's ********, but hey some people are into that.


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It's still her brother ...I smell incest in the air

I know, I'll probably get buried quickly, but oh well. I just think if you're going to get pierced in a sensitive area, might as well have someone you trust do it.

"**** it" just what the brother was thinking

She wasn't even considering a piercing there, her brother was just trying to get her to get it pierced so he could do it. Pretty sure he is incest.

Maybe he meant by another artist. He may have opened the shop but he could have employee's.

Llamacod 11

I dont think her brother is, as you so wonderfully put it, incest.

Still weird to tell your sister to get her ****** pierced ESPECIALLY in a place you work

The1CalledGOAT 11

what if it was a plan by her brothers friend, who has secretly had a crush on her forever, and her brother was just trying to be a good friend so he opened up a shop with hopes that their plan works out

From someone who has a ton of metal.... It's not a big deal. A hood piercing (VCH vertical clitoral hood) is pretty common, maybe she already has several body mods so he suggested this one. You would not believe what some people do down there compared to a tiny barbell in a flap of skin it's no biggie. But like any sensitive or risky areas you want to go to a well known professional. Hey guys if you want a face full of **** and vag start piercing! You might get the odd wrinkly 60 year old dick but you can't have it all.


maybe she is just that hot?


maybe you're an idiot who doesn't understand a joke?


and you don't seem to love peace that much if you're just going around being a bitch... just how it seems any way.

Hey, go for it, he'll probably give a good discount.

DyslexicPanda 12

The fact that she was presumably not interested in getting her clit pierced, especially by her brother, is irrelevant...

It can remove your ability to have orgasms

night_fox88 24

Not just orgasms but also lose complete feeling as well. That goes for all genital piercings.

PiNkMoOn 9

i know that feeling,to feel you have the dumpest brother on earth is not easy!

Ultimate_No 7

I don't think you're in much of a position to be criticizing another's intelligence.

rg350dx 29

She never said anything about anyone's intelligence. Just stated it was a bad comment. Maybe you should read it instead of reading into it before you insult someone for "insulting" someone else.

PiNkMoOn 9

i can say im sorry,but after that i say im sorry for you and for the OP

Ultimate_No 7

I wasn't talking to the first reply..

Llamacod 11

39, I think 34/72 was referring to pinkmoon's criticism about her brother's intellect. The irony here would be pinkmoon using the dump instead of dumb

rg350dx 29

My apologies then, 76. I'm using the app not the website. If you don't specify then it looks like you responded to whatever you're underneath.

PiNkMoOn 9

i'm sorry,i've already apologized,i'm still learning english ,so i translated this,here it doesn't mean anything bad so if that is bad,im sorry,im only 15 and still learning

PiNkMoOn 9

i meant dumb,im sooooo sorry,i feel soo bad for this!

there there its ok pinkmoon *pats head*

You hate yourself and your life, don't you?

Man I don't know why a brother would want to be anywhere near his sister's ********, but hey some people are into that.

Psh. Why wouldn't he? I cannot think of a better time to be had!

v1kt4r 13

I understand what you're saying but his sister tho???

#68 are you Mexican? Cos that shit was an essè!

Maybe everyone else turned him down? Or he doesn't know any other women, lol.

Boys will be boys, even if they're your brother. Lol sorry OP

I don't see how that's a boy being a boy lol

#49.. He's trying to see a ******? I mean most men would draw the line at their sister, but this guy seems unconcerned.

I didn't know boys being boys meant going after their sisters ****** even though they go after others. I just mean normal boys shouldnt be compared to this incest creep.

Could be worse. He could be your gynecologist. Anyway. Incest is wincest. At least according to 4chan and people who live in Alabama.

Mhm. Wincest. Anybody who watches Supernatural should get that.

I heard the term "wincest" long before Supernatural came out.

You can't spell "Wincest" without "wince." (and I hope that in any case he meant the clitoral hood because piercing the clit itself—OOOOOUUUUUCHHHH!!!)

I thought that was west Virginia...

48- Reading that comment made me realize why guys cringe when they imagine getting kicked in the balls (O_e)

BriannaMGK 15

Way to be a stereotypical dip wad! You hear more about invest from places such as Utah, West Virginia, and countries like Russia!

lishajoy777 14

Which such investing are they trying to do? "In mother Russia, stocks invest you!"

134 - Not sure if you're joking about the irony or really didn't notice.

Haha! Incest is the best! Put your sister to the test! ^^ jk

rg350dx 29

"Come on sis! Just let me pierce your ******! I incest!"

Your display pic is how I picture her brothers face

rg350dx 29

And I assume the guy in the background is OP's face?

A better incest joke? There is none.

rg350dx 29

Incest jokes aren't funny, ************.

I've never heard of anyone getting their ****** pierced, that sounds horrifying (you realize the ****** is the not the same part as the ******** right?)

57 Omg your first comment was funny enough, but I can't stop laughing at "Incest jokes aren't funny, ************" LMFAO!!