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Today, my daughter called for me to come into the bathroom. Turns out the tummy ache she'd been complaining of was actually parasites in her digestive tract. I could swear they were looking at me from the toilet. FML
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They're gonna get you! Just like I'm gonna get Chris.


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Happy place..happy place..must think of my happy place....

time for some heartworm medication from the vet. lol

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Gross and TMI. I just had lunch also...

Um.. Sweetie.. it's up chucked. Not chucked up.. ahh.. kids and their silly shananigans and mysterious wordplay.. smh.

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91, it could be either. Ah, people on FML who think they're smarter than they really are... smh.

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91 why are you calling people kids when you're 17-18 and just one year older than Jarvo?

Might I just remind everyone that this is not a FYL site, but a FML site. Hence the way I worded the FML. OF COURSE FHL. There are worms in her ass for shit's sake. And this ahole, aka "mother of the year", has to sterilize everything, because she has a nail biter, who didn't wash her hands well enough. What 10 year old does?

Sounds like a live, shitty situation. You know it's true.

it depends where you are from, Sweetie.

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how is that at all relevant

Arrrgggg. Gotta go tame the stomach beast if you know what I mean. :p

funny to see how 91 says she isnt a grammar nazi and dosent apreciate those who are, but she does try to correct others writing... aah the irony

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you tell em sekko! I'm 16 and I only wash my hands after I'm done takin a shit.

Thanks 100 & 108. And yeah... We're from different countries 91, there's gonna be some differences in expressions.

And the Internet automatically makes you a certified genius? I don't think so.

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did you ever think that maybe people find you ugly?

Feels like I've watched the discovery channel. O_O

You work wonders at messing up someone's high. I am now thinking my cold, leftover Chinese takeaway is home to a million little pinworms.

Chucked up is a British term... Score 1 for American kids who think they know everything...

well I hope yyouve had your dinner already

And I hope it wasn't what your daughter had...

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...I don't think im gonna finish my corned beef...

Got_any_grapes1 4

Good. Who eats corned beef anyway? It's not St. Patricks Day... Well I guess you have an excuse if your Irish. I prefer grapes anyway: high in energy, 100% fat free, low in sodium and great for your health.

Grapes 100% fat free? They are high in sugar and unless you eat a painfully moderate quantity, you'll be eating hundreds of calories away.

since when do you only eat grapes on st patricks day I'm pretty confident you eat it any time ( in a stew,sandwich,salad etc)

Mmmmmm grape sandwich and grape stew =D

Got_any_grapes1 4

157: You couldn't let me sound smart for once? And I believe grapes are pretty healthy, mr. smartass. What would you prefer if you were on a diet? Because I understand how fatening grapes are.. Do not hate on grapes. They are good for your soul. And idiot above smartass: You misunderstood what I said.

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They're gonna get you! Just like I'm gonna get Chris.

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what do you mean mr. Herbert?

FMLandurstoo 9

He's gonna get in my basement.

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why am I going into your basement?

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Nooo Chris! He's gonna get you!!!

FMLandurstoo 9
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Cleveland... you have your own show now. go back to stoolbend.

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rofl copter what movie is that pic out of!

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If you knew anything about Pinworms you would know that they do not cause stomach aches. Therefore, its most likely not Pinworms unless her stomach was caused by something else.

In some cases it can, and in this case it did. She never complained about an intch rectum. Only of abdominal pain. We took her to specialists, who treated her for heartburn, suggested it was stress, and had her tested for celiac and food alergies. Nothing. So we took her to a therapist; if it was stress, we wanted to help her through that. BUT, no, it was just a heafty load of creepy pinworms in her lower intestines. She already feels better on day 3 of treatment.

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Ohhh noooo! chris is gunna go in to his basement. ooooo

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Cleveland can stay. I like black men.

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Pinworms are the most common parasites in younger kids. Unless your name is google then stfu acting like you know everything. k thanks! :)

YoungBuck10, who is that even in response to? You seem pretty worked up about these parasites...

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lol this is fricking hilarious

reebokkid123 14

you just made me die of ******* laughter... ahahahahaha

youngbuck10 9

Awesome! Good luck, she will be better in no time!

FMLandurstoo 9

Just please use your mouth for other purposes.

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EWW! thats gross. i hope shes okay now.

That's what you get for feeding her stray cats you find on the weekends.

haha Chang would say something like that

how exactly is this your fml? grow up!

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oh oh look out you're not suppose to question a FML no matter how stupid they are. Wonder where the FML hit squad is on this comment.... wake up guys he hurting someone's feelings.

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This is an FML for your poor daughter, not you.