By burn - 01/08/2011 20:05 - United States

Today, my kids decided putting laxatives in my coffee would loosen me up and calm my nerves. I have a 3 hour long meeting soon. FML
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Just let it all out during the meeting. They like it when people express themselves.

Put lax in their food next time you make them dinner.



put some in cans if pop, and give it to them

Are you referring to soda as "pop"?

Another shitty meeting

Yes, they're referring to soda as pop. Is there something wrong with that?

please write a logical sentence next time

no not in soda put some in his condoms and then he will freak when he doesnt get a boner during sex. then tell him u did it because u felt like he need to "relax"

I call it pop... Dunno what's so odd about that (:

Yeah well too bad the kids don't have meetings they have to sit through

If it's a meeting to sell a new brand of laxatives your good to go!

well hopefully your shit smells good

In canada its usually referred to as pop rather than soda

Man, why so many thumbs down? I was just asking.

Next time do your research first before you ask :)

Hey, #20, I love Wendy's new chips.

A three hour meeting with the crapper...

@Knight - look up Colloquialism XD!

... Seriously 57? Who would do a research on such a minuscule thing? We call it soda here. damn try hard...

Yes, but someone with half a brain would know that there are different names for a carbonated beverage, and it really just depends on where you live.

32 - Hahahaha! I get it! You said shitty situation because laxatives make you shit! That is so hilarious and original! Honestly, you're a pun mastermind... I just can't stop laughing!

looks like you're up shit creek without a paddle, and soon you're gonna be swimmin in it

But what OP didn't realize is that most laxatives take 6-12 hours to work so decidedly not screwed

Meetings are shitty regardless.

Put lax in their food next time you make them dinner.

Lax, bro. That's totes chill.

dear: mrfunbun01 please wear looser shirts. your body is seriously freaking me out.

Hahaa i understand why they thought it would make you calm, reLAXATIVES.

That will = more work for the parent later if they decide to blow up in the restroom =

They care enough to try to help

yeah, help him shit himself during a meeting

It's the thought that counts.

Just let it all out during the meeting. They like it when people express themselves.

It won't matter either way. Those things are so full of shit anyways; she'll fit right in.

Loosened you up all right. Your butt that is.

What the heck? Before I corrected it my camment said "Lossened." Just nvm ignare me

Haha IDK I checked it before, honestly. It didn't say that. My iPhone is freaking out on me. *Note to self - stop looking up porn. Messing up phone* (joke)

haha that's hilarious but disgusting at the same

try not to be full of shit at the meeting(;

OP won't have that problem once the laxitives kick in.

"Loosen me up and calm my nerves"? Certainly did one of those two things, didn't it?