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Today, my parents decided they won't pay for college because of a Fox News story that said higher education "makes you liberal." FML
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Going to college doesn't make you liberal, it makes you smarter and more prepared in the world. Your parents are really ignorant

Fox are idiots, they just implied that Liberal people are highly educated. They're right for once; their right wing nazi-fest is for retards.


Seriously your parents are unbelievably lame. Just do what I did. I paid my own way with scholarships and loans and my entry level job pays more than theirs, in a highly conservative company I might add.

Contrary to popular belief college isn't a parents responsibility. Get off your ass get a job and go to college not that hard.

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Not that hard? Of course it's not that hard to raise ~$5,000 (I'm gonna assume OP is in high school) without some help from parents. With the kind of jobs you can get when you're that age, it's extremely easy to raise that much money, right? No. Shut up. Paying for college isn't a parent's obligation but if the only reason a parent doesn't help out is because of a news segment, especially when they planned to initially, then there's a problem.

the sound like total rednecks... so am I but not surprising seeing as there from north Carolina

Fox are idiots, they just implied that Liberal people are highly educated. They're right for once; their right wing nazi-fest is for retards.

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Can't really diss the conservatives man, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

if conservatives are all Nazis liberals are all clearly communists...

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Well, considering this is Fox we're talking about.. I believe the OP. And considering most educated people dont buy into what Fox says.. OP's parents are probably not too bright.

including the person whose post you just replied to #37...

So True LOL Faux "news" Actually got it right cause only the uneducated bitter senile persons watch Fox!!!

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No way the highest rated news channel would have to lie about the obvious , your parents must have misunderstood what they were reporting.

news channel? oh I thought it was Comedy Network 2. man they had me fooled!

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#4: What most likely happened was some BS statistic said that more than half of college students are liberal, and their conservatard logic came up with "higher education makes you liberal" on its own.

Or it could have been Glenn Beck or one of the other people with opinion shows on Fox "News" Channel. I don't have a problem with opinion shows, but they should be on Fox, not on Fox News.

hahaha Glenn beck is a fag. I actually never had a problem with him until he made my friends move cause he offered his dad (a political radio person) a job with him in CT :(

maybe they'll pay for you to go to oral robers, or liberty, or bob jones?

That statement means lot coming from you, "teebonehead." You are SO hyper-intelligent.

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NOTE: We are now judging people on what username they chose for their accounts. I repeat, we are now judging people on what username they chose for their accounts. Carry on.

going to college won't turn you into a liberal, but college education does have a slight liberal bias.

That's because the Conservatives live in the Stone Age.

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Inteligence and truth has a "liberal bias" as defined by Fox and the conservatives. That's why Fox was created; so ignorant people would not be exposed to the truth.

Going to college doesn't make you liberal, it makes you smarter and more prepared in the world. Your parents are really ignorant

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Being smarter makes you a liberal? That's a joke!

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Its true. Look at Sarah Palin. Look at her education and what she did for a living. See how conservatives love her. Now look at Barack Obama. Look at his education and what he did for a living. See how all conservatives hate him and think he is a commi-hitler who knows nothing of the constitution. Look at George W. Bush and his education. Now look at Al Gore's or John Kerry's. Point made.

Hitler isn't a communist so the phrase "commi-hitler" is a complete oxy-moron. Hitler went to war against the communists. Nazi doesn't equal Communist.

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Lol, i thought bush went to an ivy league collage...... Just cause you say stupid things every now and then, or all the time, dont make you stupid..... And until you graduate from an ivy league shut your ******* mouth.... Bush might not have been a perfect president and im not saying he was, but i dont see any of your lazy bastards doing any better.....

people call him a commie cuz he talks about sharing and equality! imagine! equality was definately not what America was built upon! and sharing! god forbid, ever since preschool it's been hard to do, huh?

biden said he graduated in the top of his class but people checked up and he finished in the bottom 10%

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I'm an engineering major and moderately conservative. I'd say overall, liberals are dumber though.

Hey fellow moderately conservative engineering major (basically described me), I like your style, however, you are incorrect, liberals are not "dumber". Both sides are making mistakes, and need to realize that the other offers an important counterarguement. Almost every new channel twists the facts, and both political sides lobby for our opinions by throwing mud and saying bold statements that hold little or no truth. The unfortunate thing is, the idiots have larger pedestals (idiots supporting both sides). Liberal government without a dose of conservatism is dangerous, and a government that does nothing in a time of trouble is no good either. Unfortunately, people become too preoccupied with trying to push extreme sides, that nothing gets done.

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Bush didn't go to an Ivy League college because he was intelligent. He went because his daddy has money. That's the only reason he's been successful at all.

This ^^^. Also, Bush never earned above a C at Yale, so all of you saying he was some kind of genius for getting into Yale are clearly misinformed.

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obama's ancestors were a bunch of spearchuckers, whereas bush's held important positions

332- And, obviously, you know EVERY grade that he EVER recieved in EVERY class he took, for his entire college stay?

Seems like Fox is trying to get their fan base to be a couple fries short of a Happy Meal. FYL, college rocks.

they want their viewers to not go to college. otherwise they might get smart and become liberals!

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>Seems like Fox is trying to get their fan base to be a couple fries short of a Happy Meal If by "get" you mean "keep," then yes.

Sounds like some shit my parents would do. Christ, my father believes anything that comes out of "Saint O'Reilly" 's mouth.

HAHAHA your parents fell into the trap of thinking FOX is a real news station!! i will pray for you and i disagree with #5. people think that education has a liberal bias because when people are EDUCATED, they dont think in the ways of CRAZY conservatives (they are more open to different types of people, they want to improve life instead of thinking the rich should have it all). think about it: if all these religious fanatics were educated and realized that GOD created EVERYONE as equals (including jews, muslims, christians, and gays) then maybe violence related to this type of stuff wouldnt happen. i work with a LOT of highly educated people and they are still conservatives whop think global warming is a farce and second hand smoke is not bad for you.

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But global warming IS a farce and second-hand smoke IS NOT bad for you...

Personally I have no issues with Conservatives (though I am Liberal.) I have an issue with ignorant comments like that though. As though getting a higher education is a BAD thing. Figure out a way to pay for it yourself! Good luck with that and your crazy parents.

I somewhat agreed with you until you used the "god" card and also implied that global warming is real and that second hand smoke is bad. Get real man. Global warming is an absolute joke. Second hand smoke isn't even a fraction as bad as what the medi wants you to believe. Dont even get me started on the whole god thing. Thats as much of a joke as global warming.

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@ #124: um... geologists, biologists, meteorologists, climatologists... just about everybody that has gathered, observed and analyzed any information on the Earth's climate will tell you that a distinct trend correlates the amount of mankind's consumption of fossil fuels, with rising CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere (a greenhouse gas), and temperature trends climbing... that's who will tell you it was us...

Except for the fact that most of the data was intentionally fabricated in order to receive government grants. Look at the east coast from the last few weeks. They got 24 inches of global warming this year! Idiots.

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You're the idiot. Global warming doesn't mean the whole planet fries. Global Warming increases the extremities in the global climate. Incredibly high amounts of snow and cold temperatures is proof of this change. Educate yourself before you post again.

Conservatives don't think the rich should have it all. They think that people should earn money and not given handouts from the government. They want people to be independent instead of dependent on the government.

All the talk from conservatives about the snow is just a running joke mocking Al Gore's histrionics and ridiculous examples of "proof" in his movie. Liberals just don't realize how they are being led around by the nose by a small group of people hyping up ordinary weather fluctuations and cherry picking weather stations to keep their funding going.

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I can see where you're coming from and why you would think global warming isn't real, but the average temperature of the WHOLE Earth IS and HAS been rising, which would indicate global warming. And how can you not think second-hand smoke is bad for you?Second-hand smoke is extremely bad for you and so is smoking.

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to 181; I hope you weren't talking to me. Maybe you should look up what global WARMING is.

Toxxic_Blackout: perhaps you haven't kept up with the collapse of the AGW facade over the past few weeks. They have now admitted there is no statistical evidence of warming since 1996. The warming prior to that was recently determined to be 30% due to increase in water vapor in the stratosphere. You add in the changes in solar brightness, changes in cloud cover due to solar wind, and the use of thermometers placed next to air conditioners and parking lots, and there is very little left over to attribute to CO2. And the tree ring data is crock of shit. All we know is that most everywhere they look, stuff grew better in the middle ages. Maybe there is an effect correlated to CO2, but the botched up science and "misplaced" weather station data means we won't know until more reliable data has been assembled.

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Because cold weather means global warming, and warm weather means global warming. Look up “Tautology” sometime. While you’re at it, check out “CRU Emails.”

Studies show that Fox News makes you stupid.