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Today, I finally got the nerve to tell my parents that I'm no longer going to pay them a flat percent of my salary, but only what they need to cover my expenses. Their response: "Better find a place of your own then, you freeloading bastard." FML
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How do you know how much they spend on you?

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deeeeeyyy doook err jiiiibbbsss

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They have acquired my occupation.

Assuming Texas is somewhat similar to New Zealand in the fact that younger people generally don't have a salary, rather a wage. Maybe OP's to old to live with his/her parents anyway ?

How about all the money they spent on you growing up? You freeloading bastard

Just because OP earns a salary doesn't mean it's enough for a proper home. I think paying expenses-based rent to live with your parents is a perfectly fair deal as long as you doesn't interfere with their lives too much.

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Depending on where op works it is quite possible he earns a salary and his parents are taking advantage of him. My husband went to work in the oilfield here in Texas at 18 and moved out and bought his own house when his parents said he needed to pay rent. Thanks to the oilfield Texas has a vast amount of jobs available. However most require experience and skill and the ability to actually work. Not sit behind a desk. My husband may not have gone to college but he has a job and we can pay our bills. That's alot more than some of our friends who moved back in with their parents after finishing school.

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#110 - So you're saying that your husband is a *real* man, and the other guys that go to college are just a bunch of ******* that don't want to work... perhaps including the Engineering students that are going to design the next generation of oil wells? Maybe the first cost-effective solar energy system? If you get caught it a shitstorm, it doesn't matter who you are, you just get shit on.

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I agree with your parents. it's a part of growing up, if you don't want to pay them what they are asking then find a place on your own. see how that works out for you money wise

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110 I went to college, I now sit behind a desk, while I went to school I made enough to pay for my entire education, rent, and other living expenses including a brand new fully loaded Z71 4x4. I currently design computer networks and do security audits on computer networks. I work with many different sectors of industry including oil companies. without the job I do your husband's company would not be able to communicate with the rigs . oh and I make

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over 175,000.00 a year so "sitting behind a desk" is a great way to make a living. so put that in your pipe and smoke it

At least he pays something my youngest 21 stays and don't pay anything and to make it worse he always has a friend over all the time

But I would say paying a flat percentage of your salary is excessive, especially when that is way more than the expenses you would have to pay otherwise

It's not your house OP... Time to grow up, put your big boy panties on, and get your own place.

Alternatively, join a gang ( I hear the west side is recruiting) and leave home for a new life with your homies.

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50 - I laughed out loud. High five to you.

76- That's a nice lookin' deer yer got in your profile picture. Now, you probably thought it was alive...nope. Just Chuck Testa.

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And you expected them not to kick you out?

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This country sucks and we're in a huge amount of debt and you are seriously saying that we're " free loaders "???? Hell no.

How does the state of the country have to do with OP living off his parents

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..... You can get a job as young as 14

A salary is something you make when you have a career. You know, a professional job.

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A wage and a salary are ENTIRELY different. Furthermore, his parents couldn't legally kick him out if he were only 14 anyway. Clearly, he's not some 14 year old working at Micky Ds. Salary=your pay is set by the YEAR, and that amount is divided up into weekly/biweekly/monthly checks. Wage=you get paid by the hour. You don't make a "salary" working at Micky Ds as a 14-year-old, genius. I sincerely doubt he/she is still a minor deserving to be pampered by his parents.

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Actually a ton of people live with their parents and have a job. If you can't sustain yourself on your salary you have to move back home. The average age of people moving back in is 30. Job market sucks therefor even if you have a salary it's unlikely it's enough to start your life and pay full expenses. Parents should not make kids that move back in pay for living. 1.) That makes it seem as if as long as they pat you they can live with you. 2.) If you let them save all their money up they will be able to move put quicker.

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easy to say when you're not a parent, lol. But seriously, if you're living at home and making a salary, it cannot possibly be that high. I live on my own, and around 50% of my monthly income ($1200 making $8 an hour) goes towards my bills--rent, food, utilities, phone. If this kid is living at home (and thus, probably not in the ghetto in a tiny ass apartment, like myself) with free food, utilities, etc, and maybe even furniture, it's possible that 50% isn't even covering all of the parents' expenses to sustain him. Plus, where do you think the parents' money to pay their bills comes from? Do all of your guises parents have huge nest eggs saved up in case you guys decide to bail on the real world and move back home? In the real world, it's not like that for all of us. Hell, my parents are often homeless; they sure as heck aren't taking me back in and that's just the way it is.

Maybe they're a college student and still make a tiny salary.


he could have a side job and be 15-17 trust me I know

I suppose it depends how much they're making you pay. If they're making you pay 50%, then I imagine it's difficult to save up to move away...

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I wonder how horrible your home situation was then...

You must have not had a good relationship with your parental units, Dr. There's nothing wrong with living with the folks passed the age of 18, especially in this economy, as long as you pull your weight, pay your dues, and don't be an asshat.

I hate noticing typos after I can't edit. *no had = not had *loving with = living with

11- that may have worked just fine for you, but times change, and not everyone is the same. Maybe OP has a different living situation and isn't making enough money to move out. For all we know, he could be 14 and mowing elderly people's lawns after school, and his parents are expecting him to give some money he earned to them. I have plenty of friends who have jobs at fast food resteraunts who can't afford to live on their own.

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I agree with you, dr. I couldn't wait to move out and it's not because I had a bad relationship with my parents(actually I have a great relationship with them). I think you have to move away to learn about the real world. I know a few people that lived at home through college/first jobs out of high school that are very behind the curve in knowing how to handle things like bills, taking care of themselves, etc. Granted, my parents paid for college which I understand some parents can't, but I worked part time at a bookstore and still managed to have a decent apartment (sometimes with roommates) pay my bills and go out with friends pretty often. NO EXCUSE to live at home when you have a job and not in some crazy debt.

I was raised the same way. I got kicked out at 18. It's not out of hatred, it's to teach you responsibility.

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There's no salary for mowing lawns last time I checked

I wouldn't say there's no excuse, but I agree that once u turn 18 u need to get out into the real world and make it in your own. Don't leech off your parents and complain when they want u to pay them rent.

A salary? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're still living at home on a salary, it sounds like you might mean wage. That or your parents are sucking up a huge portion of that salary.

Tell them that if you pay them less or no money at all, you can save more money faster and move out sooner.

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@ 7: the response to that is "move out now"

70: What is that stuff all over the shore line in your picture?

Hurry! Move out quickly while you know it all. It doesn't last long for most people so you need to get out while the fire is hot!