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Today, I was accepted to college and received a scholarship equal to almost half the tuition. After sharing this news with my parents, I spent the next 35 minutes getting yelled at about how I wasn't allowed to go there because my boyfriend might go there. FML
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  lyndis_fml  |  0

Sure, if she has the money to pay for the remaining tuition. Most 18 year olds aren't making enough money to pay for even half the tuition of any college worth going to.

  justdance93  |  0

Well, she has a scholarship for half of the tuition, use financial aid for the other half. The financial aid I receive for college covers my tuition completely. I just have to worry about rent and utilities - which is why I have a job.

  TooBored13  |  0

Agreed. OP, you are an adult now and you have to start acting like it. It is hard to get out from under your parents' wing, but you can do it. And if they love you they will eventually understand that you did what was best for you. Trust.

  Indiana_fml  |  4

I don't know how it's in Oregon, but in some countries the parents are legally obliged to finance their children until they are able to care for themselves. This can also include support during the first study.

  AngelRaven89  |  0

good point #5.
It's easy to blame the parents in this one but did anyone stop to think that maybe they're right? Maybe she only chose that college because he goes there, and she is more qualified for something better (hence the large scholarship). Either way it wouldn't matter what her parents think, OP can just get a student loan for the rest and do what she wants anyway.

  mikelangele  |  15

And you think they give scholarships to just about every one! Think it's easy to get one? Despite a boyfriend she still gets v good grades as evedinced by the scholarship.

  iGreen_Day  |  0

I know. This is a big what. the. fuck.

Here's an idea, OP: drop out of school, become a hooker and eventually die from an overdose (and leave your parents a note saying: this is your fault, YDI).

You might not want to, but it's for the best.