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Today, I found out why my parents have been trying to convince me not to go to college this year. I also found out where the $20,000 they just spent on landscaping came from. My college fund. Which is now $0. FML
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What is with all these parents using up their kid's college fund or hiding college acceptance letters?? FYL & try a scholarship.



wow what douchebags.. least u have a nice lawn lol

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hey guess what those "douchebags" put in that college fund and can do whatever they ******* want with it maybe if the OP wasnt lazy and got her own ******* job she could get a student loan and pay it off

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Why so defensive? It's not their money, they gave it to HIM (-cough- not HER). You don't give something to someone and take it back, especially if it's something as important as college, and all you want is a pretty lawn.


uh and how do you not know the college fund is his money HE saved up. Unless you are ******* the Op you do not know how he got the money.

This will teach you to mow the lawn! FYL Seriously

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****! Now MyDrunk3 is on FML? First MLIA, NOW HERE?? GTFO SPAMMER NOOBS.

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Assuming OP wasn't able to save up 20,000 by himself, it's THEIR money. They can do what they want with it. I'm not saying it's right, because I personally think parents should take more responsibility for their kids futures, but it's still the money THEY saved up. They definately should have told him sooner, though. If it's OP's money, that's a lawsuit if he's 18.

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And 79, legally, the money is theirs if it's not solely in his name, which clearly it isn't or the lawn wouldn't look quite so nice right now. Morally it's ****** up. Legally, it's their right.

But the thing is, what's more important- A stupid lawn that can get landscaped anytime, or a chance at a college education that can last a lifetime?

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Yeah it sucks. but it sounds like it was their money...if it was his, they wouldn't have access to it.

I totally agree, morally it's just wrong. But I think if the money was in his name they wouldn't be able to take it away from him, so it was probably theirs. This is why I have an RESP, it's mine and my parents can't touch it. Even if they tried they would get heavily taxed if they did not use it on education.

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and how do you asume? both sides are but remained best untold.

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it's a HE because there's a ******* male symbol at the top right..dumbass.

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208- hope you never have kids.. You sick freak

What is with all these parents using up their kid's college fund or hiding college acceptance letters?? FYL & try a scholarship.

Any parent who hides their child's college acceptance letters should either be obliged to pay tuition + any and all expenses that child has for the entire time they're in college when they do get into one, or a flat sum of money equal to what those expenses would have been if it's too late for them to get into a college.

If only the UN knew tht kind of shit would happen. I say that this should be put in an extra article in the Children's Rights Declaration. Now that way those douchebags can be arrested.

$20,000 for landscaping? They're right, don't go to college. Be a landscaper!

god how stupid are your parents. I guess they never learnt the importance of getting an education

I guess not ... because if they had one, they probably wouldn't have taken their son's college money and spent it on landscaping haha

So take some initiative and pay for college yourself, welcome to real life. But I agree I'd be pissed if I was under the impression that it was going to be taken care of and found out something like this.

Although this could be from a couple months ago, they probably don't have the money to pay for college themselves, and even the chances of making enough money over the summer to cover tuition is pretty much impossible.

9: how do you know that he didn't pay for it himself? Of course it's unlikely that all 20k came from him, but most of my friends put some of their own money in their college funds. Regardless, you'd think that most parents would want their children to go to college. It's kind of a douche move to let him think he's going to college if he's actually not.

Then you take out loans if college is really for you. Most everyone I know did that. It made you really think about whether or not college was for you and generally made you unlikely to piss away the chance to learn something while you were there.

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Your parents are useless. Fyl