By Anonymous - 26/12/2020 07:58 - United States - Redmond


  Today, my girlfriend, who live 30 minutes away, asked me over late at night. When I got there, she turned me around and kicked me out because she "wasn’t feeling it." I’m 29 and still a virgin. FML
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  rotflqtms_  |  18

I didn't see the break up part, just the kicking him out because she didn't feel like having sex. Sucks that he went all the way there for nothing, but you're allowed to change your mind about wanting to have sex, even mid sex. At least she didn't wait until he was about to go into her to kick him out butt naked. That would have been horrible luck.

°¤And now talking to op...¤° either way OP... can you really blame her for all 29 years of virginity? Was she the only girl you dated? And if so, I think you guys are on completely different pages on sex. And there are people who are older than OP who still also haven't had sex, by choice and not by choice.