By skyhigh - 13/01/2011 05:48 - United States

Today, I discovered my parents have spent my college fund because "2012 will happen" before I graduate. FML
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Just remember, you get to pick their nursing home.

pay them back by burning their cars to ashes, "2012 will happen soon, we need too save money on gas so I can go to college."


or maybe we are the retards 0_o... just in case imma go buy me a dune buggy

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All that's going to happen in 2012 is that in the London olympics there is going to be a fake alien invasion. Big deal.

Sell all their stuff on the black market and say they won't need it after 2012

Hmmm. I wonder how they feel today? (1/1/13) Not so good I would imagine.

Damn you've got some stupid patents there, I feel for you. A few dead birds and fish and everybody loses their minds!

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his patents are stupid! I agree

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what the hell was up with that anyway ? I find it pretty bizzar

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Bizarre* ... Yes I'm a dick.

pay them back by burning their cars to ashes, "2012 will happen soon, we need too save money on gas so I can go to college."

Just remember, you get to pick their nursing home.

Well, the Mayans decided that the world would end before you decided you wanted to go to college. Don't blame them for your late timing. If you're going to complain that you can't go to college before the end of the world, maybe you should have been born earlier!

The Mayans never predicted the world would end. They predicted a transition into a new epoch.

Exactly. You ask the millions if Mayan people who are still around today and they tell you it does NOT predict the world ending.

No, the world is definitely ending! The internet told me!

idiots.. the Mayans just didnt fo a calender that went forever, of course nobody tought of that, yall need your daily dose of drama.. people are going apeshit with all that 2012 Stuff, send them on a deserted Island and drop a freakin A-bomb on them, they Will have their dramatic ending and we wont hear about the freakin end of the world in and day out

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they probably ran out of room on the giant rock of a calendar

Here: go to and search SARCASM. Lighten the hell up

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Anyone on here who believes that 2012 crap deserves to a good old fashioned Monty Python "boot to the head". That is right up there with Scientology, the "secret lineage of Christ", and gender superiority as some of the greatest hoaxes of the world. Your parents need help.. and soon.

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Ask yourself one question: Would you want to make a calendar that went on forever or would you eventually not be able to make it anymore because it is humanly impossible to do that?

2012 isn't gonna happen! the guy got the calculations wrong! It was supposed to end 60 yrs ago!

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The Maya were/are a Mesoamerican civilization... not just some guy who spouted off about the end of the world...

Thank you! Yeah, he forgot the Leap Years.

whoever was decoding the Mayan calendar, completely messed it up. the world was supposed to end years ago, according to the Mayans.

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um obxgal13 2012 is going to happen. I hate to burst your bubble, but it's going to happen the day after December 31, 2011. duhhh

21/12/2012 (or for Americans: 12/21/2012)*

yep the world ain't endemic shut up stupid ppl who want to die

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Well apparently the world is supposed to end every few years, we remember y2k right?v And the mayans had to end somewhere right? I can see them now "My hands getting tired, I think I'll stop here. I won't live this long anyway and nows as good of a time as ever for this dang calendar to end "

i agree, just cause the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 doesn't mean the world will end, the calendar on my wall ends dec 31 2010 and guess what life goes on, no one should rely on a calendar to predict stuff, the mayans were just too lazy to put 2013- in it

THANK YOU! omg I've been trying to tell people that! the world won't end people.

nothing is supposed to end any time... it's bizzare as it is that they even made the calendar to 2012... and all translation is doubtful, how can someone claim to know what they meant by pictures, when we still get lost in translation with the languages that exist today... and the whole believing that ancient civilization knew something true about the world that we don't know it's just stupid... why people so easily believe all mystic and magic things ?

yep the world ain't endemic shut up stupid ppl who want to die

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it will end. no one knows when. but it's inevitable.

does it matter when the date is? its not gonna happen anyway

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And it was supposed to end a couple of weeks ago. And a few years ago. And so many other times people have predicted but none are correct. Only God knows when the world will end!

Wow your parents are dumb. Get a job and get your own college fund

That's not so easy for someone who is going through college full time. They have living expenses, bro.

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you are dumb... you are really dumb... so dumb... lol rapist!

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Wow... I'm not even gonna make one of my usual wisecracks... Just... Wow...

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usual wisecracks? what wisecracks? I have read any of you wisecracks.

47- wow, that quip fell apart quicker than the Challenger space shuttle. Learn to spell and conjugate.

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I've never even seen you on here before now.