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Today, after 25 years of marriage and 2 children, I was served with divorce papers. It turns out my 51 year old, soon to be ex, has been having an affair with the 24 year old tutor I hired to help our daughter bring her grades up. They are in love and want to start a new family together as soon as possible. FML
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today's to do list: 1. hire hotshit divorce lawyer. 2. hire studly personal trainer 3. throw all his shit on to the front lawn.

The jokes on him if he thinks he can raise a child at the age of 51. He's obviously following his little head. And his girl friend is going to find out it won't be much fun when he loses half of all his money with the divorce.


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don't worry that want last look at it he's 24 same thing going to happen to her are worser

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It usually happens when the guy is still looking good despite the age, while the woman has gained 40lbs.

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Actually, i'm sure that if a 24 year old is going to marry a 51 year old its more likely that it's because he's rich. To the OP I say get a top notch divorce lawyer and rake him over the coals. If you make out with all the dough, his new gold-digging bitch won't be interested anymore and then he'll be all alone, and broke, and chances are your kids will side with you so they won't talk to him either. Win-win

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Couldn't have said that better myself, #45!!

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what does that even mean? were you trying to speak English?

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my comment was directed at #21. #45 hit the nail on the head.

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agreed I didn't understand a word

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51 years old? won't she be dry by now? lol

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totally agreed! gotta play that divorce right.

Can't agree more. Get as much out of the divorce as possible, get him to pay for your childs' expenses and such. He'll come back begging you to forgive him soon, but still, don't fall for it. Just get it done and move on with your life!

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Kick him to the curb, hard. When he crawls back, kick him back there again.

Money is everything. Another 24 year old *****

uh... are you okay? Having a stroke? Your sentence came out all jumbled up.

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that's messed up that you would say that. why is it every time a woman gets dumped and left for someone else they always try to screw the guys life up and ruin him. that's not cool and very cruel. woman's true nature always comes out when there pissed off and that is being bitch's like they truly deep down inside are.

except the fact that she'll no longer have a husband and the kids won't have a father in the house. still, it is the best circumstance.

I wish I worked at the CDC, so I could steal samples from work and put them in darts, I'd be a superhero who went about infecting assholes and ***** with the worst diseases known to man! ^_^ Hmmm... imma see if they have any job openings! I could be... THE TOXIC AVENGER... oh, wait... that won't work... gawd, what an awful movie..

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#148, you don't think OP's life is screwed up or that what her husband did wasn't cruel? Misery loves company and it is human nature to want to hurt the person that hurt you. That is true of men and women. I'm not agreeing with it but I can understand the impulse.

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what the eff! that is so messed up **** that stupid bitch (not literally)!

if being a tutor is his main profession then good luck to them, not really. Seeing that hes 24 and teachers are paid based on experience and education, and theres no way hes a professor, there is no way he has a profession in either. Id say the dude makes a max of 50-60 grand a year as a full-time tutornand still has college debts.The op life is even worse due to the fact that he will have to support this new family.

and now im an over failer because i failed to realize op is the girl, douchebag is the guy, and 24 year old is **** not man *****, and op cant say she has menopause to the 24 year old, my bad.

beller45, generally these women have wasted their years of fertility and beauty on a douche that tosses them aside like trash. How do you expect them to react? By giving their exes a blow-job, 50 grand and a pat on the back?

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If the 24 year old has deep pockets, find out if you can use the "Alienation of Affect" suit against him where you live. When an "outsider" interferes in a marriage it'll allow you to sue the 24 year old. The Suits are allowed in 7 States- Hawaii, Illnois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota

at least I recognized my mistake, not all of us look at the gender and where did the urge to yell at random strangers on the internet, I guess someone should be singing Im a little dbag short and fat, here is my handel here is my spout, when I get all steemed up here me shout, I love dick in my butt

The OP never reveals any gender identities. Nvm, FYL.

@159, you know you can get charged for murder, right? it's happened before when a CDC employee knowingly contaminated cupcakes and let coworkers eat them

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FYL OP...but I agree with 148

21-what the hell is that supposed to mean??

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that's not always true. It's just that when a guy leaves you after having children and spending over 20 years together it's not something you walk away easily from. Especially if he left you for a younger women. He deserves to have something taken from him since he disgraced his family.

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I think I'm going to throw up now...

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75 the guy is 51 not the girl

that's a lesson to all you moms out there trying to make your kids take lessons. then again, this just sucks.

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nobody cares that your first -.-

You do. But regardless, yeah it's annoying. OP, FYL. Even if you hired a male tutor, given your bad luck that person could've been a pedo instead :

that's gross :-/ if I was 24 I wouldn't want to be with someone much older than me... and 51 is pretty old if they start a fam it's gonna be pretty akward to have a 60 something year old mom when your 10 xD

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The dad would be the 60-year-old, not the mom. The OP is a woman, so her husband is 51 and the female tutor is 24. The mom would only be 34 if you're ten... 'Duh

today's to do list: 1. hire hotshit divorce lawyer. 2. hire studly personal trainer 3. throw all his shit on to the front lawn.

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Like the poor woman knew that her husband was going to fall for the tutor. Everyone keeps a crystal ball in their house and is able to forsee the future. NOT. You comment fails.

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If you think that comment represents his actual view, you're extremely naive. Obvious troll.

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how does it feel to be a dick? I hope the same shit happens to you. lose the loves of your life and for someone who's less experienced and more likely to leave you. awesome. good luck!

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hey #17, why don't you understand that all men think with their dicks, it's common sense, espicially if your husbands been known to stare at younger women, I bet when they first met, it was apparent in his eyes. and everyone else that claims my comment fails, go suck a cow tit, fml is meant to have funny fuckedup stories. Not In depth depressing bull shit that could of been avoided using the ol noggin.

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Don't worry. You'll get saggy Maggies too someday.

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no, because freaks like that deserve to be placed in mental institutions, where you should most likley be.

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its people like you that make people like me wanna throw up. To the OP im sooo sorry that happend tell the **** that he has STD's

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Hey $104, you're obviously not old enough to understand the bigger picture. Not every man thinks with their genitals. Just like not every woman thinks with hers. I think it's time you've thought outside of the box. =D

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Are you a man? no, so shut up, as for age, maybe being 17 dosent make me qualified to make that statement buuuttt. 1. if I really thought something as stupid as this was her fault, then I'm a scum bag. 2. if your older then me by at least 10 years, you have the right to make your previous statement about me being too young.

you are just a straight up ******* idiot. I know this is 2 years old but ****. You deserve to be brought out in the woods and hit with a huge ******* stick

The jokes on him if he thinks he can raise a child at the age of 51. He's obviously following his little head. And his girl friend is going to find out it won't be much fun when he loses half of all his money with the divorce.

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He has abmitted adultery and he is seeking a divorce. The soon to be ex now his balls in her hand. Hire the best lawyer in town, take his money and sit back and smile when the young woman walks away from the broke old dude. Your children should not do without a single thing because their father went off the deep end.

He would be 69 at his child's high school graduation. That's a little creepy.

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@133, i feel bad, but the soon to be ex being 69 on his childs graduation day is f*cking HILARIOUS

No if hes seeking a divorce she still gets money

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you have to admit he probally does deserve an upgrade. regardless, fyl.

Ahhh, FML teaches me so much about life. For future reference, I now know to hire an old man to be my child's tutor, cause if my hubby left me for the tutor, then I know I had no chance of keeping him. XD

*face palm* fig newton! >_< My kiddies are wearing chastity belt for LIFE! Haha

That's not really fair for other young women who are looking for ways to make quick and easy cash though.. such a shame people can't stay away from people's husbands and family, that's something I'll never understand.