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Today, I discovered that when my parents offered to help me pay for college, what they really meant is they would get the forms for me to apply for student loans. FML
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To everyone saying get over it.... I will be seventeen when I start college. What kind of job can you get to pay for college when you're seventeen with no college education? See here's the thing, to pay you need a good job, and to get a good job you need college... OP: If your parents can't even afford to help pay, then that's a completely different story, but if they're rich and just don't feel like contributing at ALL, then FYL.

I call this a moment of misscommunication. When you offer to help pay for something it means you'll contribute some actual money to things. Like may be buying books. It also said that they OFFERED. She did not ASK them to. So, it's not her fault to expect that they give her money for certain things. I know when my children go to college I'll expect them to get a part time job, but I'd also HELP them pay for certain things. So, FYL for the fact your parents couldn't be clear on what they meant.


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This isn't an FML. Your life isn't "******." Waah, so you have to pay for college yourself, get OVER it.

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Yeah, seriously, I was just going to say that. My parents don't pay for my college either... Wahhhh you have to be an adult.

Your parents probably don't want you going through life thinking everything will be handed to you like a spoiled brat!!

well if she is from a middle class family than her family should help her cause i dont see how having college paid for would make her think everything will b handed to her

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"Harold get the forms, the bitch IS LEAVING!"

Not all middle class families can afford 40000 a year. OP is clearly a spoiled brat, so they'll want an expensive one and are too dumb for scholarships, so 40000 a year sounds about right.

hahahaha i see how that could be miscontrued

Miscontrued? Miss **** rude or miss rude ****?

I think the OP was writing about how she has a very small amount of time to get that much money. Since her parents said that they were going to pay for her, the OP thought she didn't need to save up money for college. Now that time to go to colleges is coming up, the OP has no money. I don't think she's spoiled because her parents deceived her.

Gotta agree with the above posts. Time to grow up and take financial responsibility for yourself. Just do yourself a favor and study something that actually makes money so you can afford the loan payments.

if you actually pay attention to how it is written, it says that her parents said that they would help pay for college. obviously as she was getting ready to pay herself. then, she was all excited that her parents offered that; then they got her the forms and she was dissapointed.

Oh wow, everyone here is hating because the OP thought she was going to get some help paying for college. SO WHAT? Big deal if her parents offered to pay for their daughter's education, I mean it's not like she is related to them or anything o.O. Get over yourselves, I doubt any of you would be complaining if your parents offered to pay for some of your education as well. Of course she needs to learn to be financially responsible, but they had her get her hopes up. And there is nothing wrong with a little help now and then. You all may proceed to bash me as you please, I know it won't help to mention that I am on scholarship, grants, and loans like everyone else. Because it's the internet and you shouldn't believe what I say anyway.

usually I'm fine if the fml isn't truly an fml, but is at least amusing, but this is quite stupid, get a job maybe? that usually helps pay for college

also, 69- write a book on the subject, help them pay for the tuition, you've got the rough draft down pat

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The thing is her parent said they'd pay for college. If they're not going to actually pay, they shouldn't say they will.

I prefer to work the street corners to pay for my education thank you very much.

They said they'd HELP pay. that doesn't mean coughing up thousands of dollars.

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What the hell is wrong with students getting financial help from their parents? That does not mean they're spoiled and it's actually surprising to me when I hear parents don't help pay for their child's education. Just because you had to pay your way through college because your selfish parents didn't wanna help, doesn't mean everyone has to do the same.

not everyone has the money. I agree that parents should do their best to help their kids, but if they can't afford it or their spoiled, lazy brat isn't worth the investment, they shouldn't feel obligated to suffer financially for an ungrateful prick.

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The OP most likely wouldn't complain about it if she knew her parents couldn't afford it.

88 i kinda agree, but at the same time it is hard to balance a job with college work i would imagine, and even a little bit of financial support from the parents would help alot.

85, yes my patents were so selfish for being laid off. I went to a $35k/year school with their help freshman year and then that happened and I had to cover the next 3 years myself. Please don't make such silly assumptions about our families. I appreciated school much more paying for it myself. Just like I take better care of things I buy with my money. Oh and I didn't complain like the OP. It's my education, not my parents' education. It's nice of them to help but it's not a necessity or an obligation.

seems like you got sour grapes about it now though

If someone used the term "help you pay for college", I would also conclude that they were contributing money. Not because I feel entitled or expect them to do it, but because that phrase is most often used to convey that idea. If they stated it differently, for example if they said "We'll help you get the finances worked out," then I'd find a tactful way to ask them to clarify. All in all, a big communication fail. Not necessarily any one person's fault, but shitty nonetheless.

all u haters are retarded her parents said they would HELP PAY that does not mean that they will "cough up thousands of dollars for their spoiled brat" it means they are offering to chip in a little and the op thought that but instead they got the forms for a loan instead of actually helping out.

Also, could they possibly be planning to help you pay off those loans eventually? Perhaps they don't have the savings now but are willing to contribute in the future. If that's the case, they may be doing you a favor by helping you build credit down the road.

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# 94- It's kinda hard but it can be done...I paid my way through college with 3 jobs, fulltime work load and still found time to get involved with extracurricular activites and I did it without the help of my parents. It'll help OP in the long run trust that your parents are doing you a favor even though you're going to end up repaying loans but you'll value education and it's worth. Take responsibility for yourself...this is not a fml

yes, let's learn financial responsibility by putting ourselves in debt through student loans. that is such an awesome way to learn how to be financially responsible, just perpetuating the cycle of paying for things with money we don't have.

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are you guy serious she's not saying she just expected them to it's cuz she got her hopes up thinking she wudnt have to pay but she Duz and many she has little time to get the money

133, you don't pay student loans until you've graduated and a grace period has passed. It is financially responsible because, assuming you didn't study something stupid, your increase in pay will more than likely be far higher than your increase in monthly loan payments. I pay double voluntarily on my loans and still have enough left over to support myself and a husband. It's an investment in your future.

How is she clearly a spoiled brat when her parents told her they would help pay?!

fyl indeed. I know exactly how you feel.

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like what? what's better than fml? also, I had a paying job for nearly 2 years before the company went out of business, so I don't think calling me a lazy ass is going to work :)

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I'm not calling you a lazy ass, stupid, I said I can't answer to your damn insults within the very minute they're posted, I check in throughout the day when I have time. I've had the same job since I was 13...4 and half years ago

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Yeah, exactly. Your parents aren't going to be there to pay for your stuff forever, so learn now.

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Well, you WILL need a cosigner... so, maybe that is what they meant.

This is true in many cases. Also many loans hold the parents responsible before the student.

are you the first 5yr old to go to college?

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get over it and grow up!! most of us had to pay our own way.

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wow what sucky parents!!!!!!!!!!! for that they should pay for all of it rite now!!!!! all 4 Years!!!!!

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People need to learn to pay for things on their own. I bet you're a spoiled teenager that gets everything they want. The OP is 17/18, and they are most likely legally an adult.

This dude will be living with his parents when he's 30 years old.

I am going to pretend you are an idiot troll and not an idiot spoiled brat. The plus side is your parents won't have to waste any money on higher education for you.

Like I said before. You can't pull money out of your ass. Sure she could do loans, but that really wasn't her plan. She wasn't prepared for it. Maybe if her parents told her 2-3 years ago that they weren't PAYING for college, she could have been prepared.

But they offered to HELP pay, not pay for the whole thing. She should've been preparing to contribute. And she doesn't need to pull money out of her arse, that's what the loan paperwork is for.

Yup, helping pay and paying for are two very different things.

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try to get a part time job so you can pay...they should help at least a little

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join the ******* club, whiney asshole

I call this a moment of misscommunication. When you offer to help pay for something it means you'll contribute some actual money to things. Like may be buying books. It also said that they OFFERED. She did not ASK them to. So, it's not her fault to expect that they give her money for certain things. I know when my children go to college I'll expect them to get a part time job, but I'd also HELP them pay for certain things. So, FYL for the fact your parents couldn't be clear on what they meant.

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This. She said offered, not demanded/asked. It sucks to think you're gonna get something, and get nothing.

If OP's parents offered to help pay, why would she be surprised at the loan paperwork? Apply for the loan, get a job, and your parents will probably try to help where they can. Did you expect cash upfront or something?