By SayCheese - 02/04/2013 22:52 - Canada - Prince George

Today, my older brother walked in on me while I was wearing nothing but a bra, panties, pantyhose, and high heels. I'm his little brother. FML
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'Stewies' voice' "so someone likes to play a little dress up? That's always fun.…"


'Stewies' voice' "so someone likes to play a little dress up? That's always fun.…"

Next time break out in song, "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay..." You'll both laugh, fist bump, and then he'll leave you alone to put on women's clothing and walk around in bars.

Exactly, coming from a nation of skirt wearers I would suggest he just moves to Scotland to get his frill on.

tjv3 10

Blame Canada ... Blame Canada ... Umm that's all the words I remember to that song

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Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" won't stop running around in my mind. Won't sleep now...

Not every door has locks.. I've seen a house that only had locks on the front and back door..

xSonic 9

IF there weren't any locks, he should've been more careful. But shut happens :/

89 - My house doesn't have any locks except on the front and back doors. From what I've seen it isn't too uncommon.

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-91 maybe you should invest in some locks for the restrooms people might go in and harass you while you take a shit

vencku 13

93 - And who do you expect to come and harass you on the toilet in your own house? You can knock before entering a toilet of bathroom if you live with other people. Hardly rocket science.

Yes xSonic, "shut" does happen. I know many a person who has been afflicted by the "shut." So sad.

AndOtherDrugs 5

100 - It also wasn't rocket science for OP's brother to knock before entering whatever room OP was changing in but things don't always work out the way we'd like. Regardless, locks are more efficient at protecting privacy than merely knocking.

I'm sure you thought of a very cleaver explanation

I'm sure you meant "clever," although a cleaver can solve a pretty fair amount of problems.

Oh you could be right, you never know. Maybe after posting his FML he just killed his brother so only the wide world of the Internets would know.

4) I thumbed you up because I thought you were going for a pun on cleavage.

May I ask your reason for wearing these?

perdix 29

#6, because he looks pretty in them, duh!

Because she's a trans* woman but hasn't really come out to her family yet?

AnyaS 19

I feel pretty. Oh, so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay! On a more serious note, OP may realize she's a transgirl later in life.

While it's nice that you're both so accepting of transfolk, it might be a good idea to not refer to a biologically male someone as 'she' unless they specify that they are, in fact, trans. The dude might just like wearing pretty things. It happens.

AnyaS 19

For me, that's why I put 'may'. Were OP in fact transgendered this is why I used the appropriate pronoun for that scenario. Of course, OP could identify as a boy who happens to enjoy dressing up.

ughhseriouslywow 10

OP isn't necessarily trans just because he wore women's clothing. Lots of men perfectly comfortable being men like to experiment with Drag just for the fun of it.

kkamp516 10
kkamp516 10

Was it harder to explain to him, your parents, or the Internet?

It's alright if you wanna be a cross dresser babe. There's nothing wrong with it if you're curious. Don't let society rule you hun.

Off topic, but when people call me hun I feel intimidated. Nice point though.

Pet names make me feel awkward and slightly stabby.

23Z9TZO 18

Really? They make me feel like I'm playing animal crossing :D

perdix 29

#18, uh-oh, you'd better not go to the Waffle House. The waitresses there will scare the shit out of you!

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perdix 29

#40, me, too, but don't all the waitresses call the customers "hon" or some other folksy term of endearment? #18 has some kind of phobia about this.

Corrupt_waffles 13

Not here in Cali. At least none of the places I've been to.

plum_lovin 28

You all think hun is bad?? I went to dinner the other night and the waiter called me dear, sweety, love, hun.. every name off the book. Strange? yes.. Uncommon? no..

She probably heard about your plum lovin' abilities.

True that. On a side note I had a waiter say cheers every time he came to the table. Made our order cheers, brought our drink cheers, brought our meals cheers, checked on our meal cheers, gave us the bill cheers, paid the bill cheers and have a good night. Maybe he had a bet going on how many time you could say cheers to one table lol

Faith in humanity restored. Have my like, #8.

I had a hair dresser that would call girls "lambs". T'was interesting.

"I got tongue tied try to call the little girl cutie and Hun and ended up calling her cunty."

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Whenever I go to the local Mickey D's late at night the lady calls me sweetheart. Not that I go there that much or anything...

OP it could be worse. you could be one of those annoying people that goes around commenting 'First' on every post...cross dressing definitely ranks above that.

Or he could be one of commenters that brings up irrelevant topics for no reason and gets thumbed down for it.

If it counts for anything, when this was originally posted there was one a commenter who posted 'First'. Which is why I made this 'Joke'. K...I'll return to the FML thumbed down shadows now...*hangs head and slinks away*

What the hell is wrong with wearin' a dress?

kyu_Q 19

If you are a woman , nothing. If you are a teenage boy....there will be some questions asked at the very least.

OP isn't wearing a dress. Perhaps he didn't get that far before big brother walked in.

All you have to do is learn to care less :)

why is 41 thumbed down? He is simply stating the truth. you may not like it, but it is the truth nevertheless.

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Everything is wrong with a boy wearing a dress

Vanessa_Leeann26 17

Hey, whatever floats your boat little bro! :)