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  yeti37  |  16

Next time break out in song, "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay..." You'll both laugh, fist bump, and then he'll leave you alone to put on women's clothing and walk around in bars.

  vencku  |  13

93 - And who do you expect to come and harass you on the toilet in your own house? You can knock before entering a toilet of bathroom if you live with other people. Hardly rocket science.

  AndOtherDrugs  |  5

100 - It also wasn't rocket science for OP's brother to knock before entering whatever room OP was changing in but things don't always work out the way we'd like.

Regardless, locks are more efficient at protecting privacy than merely knocking.

  JayElleBee  |  15

While it's nice that you're both so accepting of transfolk, it might be a good idea to not refer to a biologically male someone as 'she' unless they specify that they are, in fact, trans. The dude might just like wearing pretty things. It happens.

  AnyaS  |  19

For me, that's why I put 'may'. Were OP in fact transgendered this is why I used the appropriate pronoun for that scenario. Of course, OP could identify as a boy who happens to enjoy dressing up.

  23Z9TZO  |  18

Really? They make me feel like I'm playing animal crossing :D

  perdix  |  29

#40, me, too, but don't all the waitresses call the customers "hon" or some other folksy term of endearment? #18 has some kind of phobia about this.

  plum_lovin  |  28

You all think hun is bad?? I went to dinner the other night and the waiter called me dear, sweety, love, hun.. every name off the book. Strange? yes.. Uncommon? no..

  little_one  |  20

True that. On a side note I had a waiter say cheers every time he came to the table. Made our order cheers, brought our drink cheers, brought our meals cheers, checked on our meal cheers, gave us the bill cheers, paid the bill cheers and have a good night. Maybe he had a bet going on how many time you could say cheers to one table lol


If it counts for anything, when this was originally posted there was one a commenter who posted 'First'. Which is why I made this 'Joke'. K...I'll return to the FML thumbed down shadows now...*hangs head and slinks away*