Musicians suck

By Anonymous - 03/04/2013 01:26 - United States - Tulsa

Today, in my job as an assistant at a music venue, I had to get posters signed by that night's performer. When I walked into the dressing room, I was told, "unless you're sucking my cock then get the fuck out of here" and had the posters slapped out of my hands. It's my job to deal with these pricks. FML
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Gutafaerie 2

Would really like to know which band it was. That's so rude. Don't they know they need fans!?


Wow.. It's not your fault, you were only trying to do your job, maybe explain to him what you do?

#34, sure he was going to want OP to do a job, but the job he wanted done wasn't OP's job.

Yes, I'm sure a fellow like that will listen to reasoning.

Gutafaerie 2

Would really like to know which band it was. That's so rude. Don't they know they need fans!?

Well they don't go out and ask the fans to suck their dicks, as long as the majority of fans are happy they'll **** around backstage all they want...

My friend once opened for Avril lavigne and he said she was a huge bitch but regardless she still has tons of fans because they never see that kind of backstage stuff

That's not the first time that I've heard Avril Lavigne referred to as a bitch. It seems she does have her head placed firmly up her own backside.

Well, she did also have that clip where she thought it was fun to bully some guy dressed in some weird costume for his job. That already made me think she's a bitch.

46, she when she was married to Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 she cheated on him multiple times, then kicked him out of his house. He then produced her new album and wrote What the Hell about him. Listen to any songs fro Screaming Bloody Murder and you can tell how sad he was over it.

That's my favourite album!! But a he really destroyed him, I hate how people who are famous think they can just do anything like that and get away with it.

Nikki Manaj was probably the one performing

caysters 12

I dunno, you seen that woman?!?! I wouldn't be surprised if niki manaj pulled out a big dick one day.

tehdarkness 21

I'm never buying his album. Sorry, OP.

OP didn't mention who the performer was

So? I'm assuming it's a male due to the **** sucking comment. It doesn't matter who the performer was, that was a very rude comment and gesture. He should be on the Top 100 Hit List.

So you're not going to buy any male performer's cd again? That's my understanding of this shenanigans. By the way, he could be on the top 100 hit list already, albeit a different one than you have your mind on.

Oh I caught it from the start. I just can't sleep and was bored so why not ask really superfluous questions.

The joke was so funny i forgot to laugh

It's okay. That prick has no REAL friends. Just people who want to use him.

Sad thing is tons of people from bands are like this.

StarThrower 17

Well that was unnecessary...perhaps quip back with a confident "unless you're planning on never getting to perform here again, and getting some really shitty press fitting for your shitty little band, you're gonna do your f**cking job and sign these." But then again, I don't know :)

perdix 29

#11, the musician's job is to perform on stage. We don't know if signing fraudulent autographs is a contractual obligation, but in this case, it sounds outside of the terms of their agreement. He could refuse less rudely, though.

gothmo 8

I'm curious to know where your conclusion that they're not part of their duties comes from. The fact they chose the music industry means that, if they were ever to become famous enough, they would be expected to do this. Their manager probably told them about it, and is likely some special merch they'll have on their booth or some special fans will get. It doesn't sound like they just decided to have them sign a random stack of posters so much as the manager or record company sent them along to be signed on site, so it does make it part of their "duties". But, a dick is a dick and I wish I knew which band it was so I could avoid them. Unfortunately I wouldn't be surprised if most were like this...