By naagodinho - 09/01/2012 14:56 - Portugal

Today, I applied to a new gym. Now I have a hernia. FML
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Go to the Doc Bastard. He will heal you with his magical unicorn powers. Then, have fun at your new gym. :)

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Now you've got a nice bulge to show off to the ladies. Get you a Speedo!


I doubt it was the gym's fault that he lifted more than he should have...

It could've been the gyms fault you never know

pretty sure OP wouldn't blame the gym

Then what's the point of op saying they applied to a NEW gym? If it never happened at the old gym, it couldve been the gyms fault

eatsleepjb you obviously don't know what you're talking about. A hernia is when you tear something internally (a muscle or and organ) and something else (often another organ) pushes through the opening. They can be caused by strain on that particular area such as lifting too much weight. At a gym. The fact that it's a new gym would have no factor in op's hernia. Settle down baby beiber fan.

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OP try to do the hernia surgery as soon as as possible because if you don't it's going to get bigger and tell your doctor to put a mesh from the inside and the outside, that way you can continue going to the gym after 3 weeks.

applying to the new gym was just part of the story

Ok xcar whatever your name is I know what a hernia is retard..and yeah it could be the gyms fault. They could have messed up work out machines or something could be wrong with their equipment so stfu

Messed up machines or not, op didn't have to lift it if it was too heavy...YDI

They wouldn't have done that. The fact is the OP decided to get fit and joined a gym. Obviously they went too hard and hurt themselves. It happens a lot!

Yeah I guess that's true but it still isn't a very good gym if the machines are messed up. I put ydi lol I was just making the point that the gym could have something to do with it

73 please stop commenting. For your sake, and mine.

Sigh. Possible reason the gym could be to blame: Gym employed PT who is underqualified or just generally giving bad advice. Newbies often don't know how much is too much, nor correct form. In most instances the "blame" lies on the user, however you have to remember that something as simple as sneezing can cause a hernia and it has no warning signs. There isn't really blame to be placed in most cases, it is just an unfortunate incident.

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Eatsleepjb- I am a very positive and nice person. I normally would NEVER say what I'm about to.. But shut the hell up! What you said in the first place was completely ridiculous. When somebody replied to the comment, you freak out like a little, immature, freakin baby!! You call the person a "retard" and tell them to "stfu".. Take your own advice and shut the **** up.. And always remember, you shouldn't throw stones when you live in a glass house.. retard!!!

Dude how are the machines messed up beiberfan? He on his on chose to lift weights ( Im thinking thats how he got hernia ) nothing to do with machines!

in OPs defense those pens that they have you fill out their membership apps with ARE pretty heavy!

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I love banging people I meet on hoookupstonight.gu.ma

Successful troll is successful. Well played eatsleepjb

ive had a hernia before, do the surgery asap so you wont have to much pain

Yeah it could've been the weights god I'm just saying that it's possible that there could've been something wrong with the workout machine if op was using one

I'm guessing inguinal region (lower right abdominal quadrant) since he's a guy!

I'm guessing spinal hernia, since you can get those from lifting heavy things from the back.

Also, could someone please explain to me why I'm being thumbed down? Spinal hernias exist, and that's how it might be related to the "new gym" part (i know someone who got a spinal hernia after hurting her back in a gym). It could of course also be completely unrelated, but why vote me down for that?

Just because he's a guy doesn't mean inguinal right away. Could be a herniated disc in his back, hiatal hernia or an inguinal hernia. Plenty of different hernias you can get.

Also why just lower right quadrant? You have two inguinal canals. Those are what your testicles descend through. One on each side.

well, true, but its more likely to develop an inguinal hernia than a hiatal hernia in guys. also since this isn't his first gym, spinal hernias are a bit less likely with this guy cause he is already been "trained". and yes both right and left

114 - that depends on wether or not OP trained his back as well (some people go there just for cardio) and maybe the change of gym ment OP didn't know how to use the devices properly. Just one of many possibilities. But I guess this post deserves thumbing down, too, for its obvious stupidity.

Before you ever ever put on weight, always practice and perfect form and technique. I have been powerlifting for years iv won trophies. I know form and it is the most important thing when lifting weights.

Wait why is everyone giving eatnbeef thumbs down? He's right. My football coach didn't let any of us lift weights until we had our form PERFECT. took some of us a few months. Form is everything, without it you can really injure yourself

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You say that but your name is MagicallyFat.

98 I'm tryig to lose weight but if you do watch football all offensive and defensive lines are big. Sooo you point is invalid

What's herniated? You don't just have "a hernia," something in your body has to be herniated - there are a lot of different kinds.

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SERIOUSLY?! oh my gosh, im so glad I know.

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You can just have a hernia. I just had one repared. Sorry OP

now that its repared is it up to par?

It would be interesting to find out where the hernia is...

Go to the Doc Bastard. He will heal you with his magical unicorn powers. Then, have fun at your new gym. :)

His secret ingredients are unicorn tears and panda sperm

Don't forget the fish tacos. They're also an important factor. ^_^

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This Doc you speak of sounds like a good doctor maybe I will go to him for the muscle I pulled in my back.

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Now you've got a nice bulge to show off to the ladies. Get you a Speedo!

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Ahahaha I legitametly was reading this when I noticed sexy and I know it was playing on the radio. :)

LMFAO perdix, that was a truly comedic comment.

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That must have been one gruesome application process!

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Serious here guys whats hernia?

Hopefully they are two and they are each on one of your arms. Watch out for the gun show b****